furniture design for living room in nigeria

furniture design for living room in nigeria

people with coarse curly hair and sensitive skin you could get clear smoother skin in as little as four weeks when you start shaving with your bevel razor go to check out their great products including that aftershave i swear to god that aftershave will change your life so you do that right now, so you can support this podcast. i'm sitting here right now with wax king chris morrow carlamagne with question come out yes. yes, we'll be here in a second talk to me about bevel bevel right yeah, say if you got bumps on your cheek and your face right yet

and you used level it helps you out. yeah, so we've got a bump on your meat head you go to a doctor you can't feel best to get him now. you've ever not that strong put valtrex with the valchek's is for herpes is a herpes medication you have herpes, bro i don't have herpes you do have hurt even though i have herpes. i have stuff on my lips yeah, well that's that mouth herpes, but you might have the penis harpy. there's no way that's one of your bloodstream it goes everywhere yes, so maybe a girl got it into you dude. look girl who knows maybe some sin london. no, i didn't have sex in london no, you did it the girl. i would go my shirt i did my that was on my lap with much best shirt on yeah i need to get that shirt though like i did not have sex in that girl he tried

i heard you try if you do you talk a little minute for the health area if you have it. we're in the lobby in the hotel lobby right if the day of and we're about to go back and he's here. i'm gonna started to dinah dinah hodges didn't appear no attention at all okay well, no, you came over and tried to and try to like work something up, okay? i should spread out the fact that we're back. it's very fresh after the show is two very nice girls from romania came through the show they came all the way from romania to london to check yourself out to everybody came out to the show in london that show the subject a lot um anyway, so afterwards were at this like

little middle eastern, hookah spot. we're hanging and when shown and wax comes over to sit next to me i'm sitting next to both girls and waxing over sit next to god i was sitting next to i didn't know that was a girl. i was like damn. why must it next to you i'll make her laugh trying to get blessing right, so these little shudders when wax comes over because well because at the time one of the girls told the other girl to wear pieces it really is a rapist right like because one girl doesn't listen to podcast dots, right? so this girl to the romanian crew. yes, there's one girl truly believed that wax the rapist right like a hundred percent accepted you like this my gosh

she just shuddered a little you think of a rapist next to you and move to the other side where you'd go home but she just move like a couple into language barrier or i think rape translates through all language yeah, i think it's very heavy anyway, so she's feeling a little uncomfortable and i try to pacify the decklist he's not a rapist is just like a joke and said i bet not saying that shit and then the girl goes yours is just i understand that he's not righteous but he does take the pussy right i? got him. it's like kind of strong sexy pussy no no, no, i'm not afraid so so this is like good it's not really a good way to try to get relaxed realized

he wasn't any pussy just you checked out a conversation so guys my ass family got coming to the room. that's nice, okay he said no, i say not another word. that's the equivalent asshole fucking google hey chill out about but you see wish your time on my food for the second lacks value was gonna give the flipper you basically just whip it again right? here's the girls like knowing he was like y'all y'all trying to fuck cuz i'm not trying to waste on my wife. you know fucking time. yeah shuffle my machine look at it. so next day next day they come by the hotel before we leave right we're just trying to chill all the sudden we're hanging out wax is getting along with the girl that thinks he's a rapist much better wax got a new t-shirt we got some new t-shirt from hi, you clothing go to brilliant idiots merch calm to get some new teaser

we got a head zt. i'm on right now. you check it in youtube videos and then we got the wax tea which is amazing guys gonna check those out immediately cop them now available um so basically i put the girl on waxes lap, and then i can picture it wasn't me at old job that was me that's on me. anybody was upset about wax understand that was a good cameo right the girl thinks it he's a rapist, and i can't exactly flex like y'all. i'm trying to go. i'm trying to go smoke you want to go smoke in the girls like okay? i'll go smoke cigarettes with you oh they go to smoke right in like five minutes. they'll come talking back

but it didn't may not be true, but talking town says she goes girl girl girl goes to use. yes yes, because we went to those smells that cigarette we went to go smoke cigarette, and yes he asked me if we should go smoke upstairs in the room i go when you talk about smoking alone. yes. i think he was trying to read recently about people young people minor by saying that she did old girl put out there i know but she heard it from yeah before yeah, you carla may be appropriate shirt today. this says the heavy which is short for hesitation wax it

that's why you ain't get no pussy in london this weekend. i hesitated the first very heavy somebody was trying enough folks, so we didn't get killed okay. i was not fucking for god. that's what that was. oh you see your phone cuda married. i salama andy took me backstage. i don't know been crazy a while y'all and wow regis was out here i am below you can talk about how he has herpes name now our did max i start the podcast by saying what if you got? he goes because bevel obviously sponsored today? he goes he all right so bezel take some bumps off your face. what if you got one on your dick by the way uh wax had one of the biggest type a cold, so this is like that was a lot of years ago. did. i don't know what it was on his big, but that one on his mouth

they wasn't even on it was like a little bit higher. i shouldn't have popped. it was like me going anywhere now you can't just you can't get herpes on your mouth you me shut up how signature so you get herpes your feet listen yes you know i believe that is a deal breaker for me herpes on her feet sorry i'm a hypochondriac right so i've been feel like i need to take a vow tracks all week long. just because everybody keeps talking about pornography the doctor said you can get a herpes anywhere you get this feeling you know you get this on your elbow you can hurt me any fucking way, but now they probably call other things like herpes no, it's staph infection. yes

i hurt you - i don't know that shit sound like some shit donatello gives you that's our system shit that whacks at it's number city. you probably had herpes of keep telling girls at stanford if i got on my elbows, i don't gotta put your elbow in a pussy give you how you know you know we got real freaking can you only use it dick affects the people's elbow i mean you never know how to have sex that you only use your dick in sex oh yeah, you guys know about just us it is a difference between sex people use their feet people use the elbows people use their fists. i'm not gonna lie i was in a movie. yes, sir, not yes i was a movie like last week

and it jokingly the girls in the movie with she started to stroke my dick over my jeans with her foot right did you know i always say i like feet and that kind of scared me. i'm not gonna live i made it talks when i was ready to sell watch this movie it just helped us on the screen well my dick is getting stroke. i'm like now i can't watch this motherfucker than us is not good ones making you dig hard the footage yourself. how no i got it i got reflect my thoughts on this one brachii. look what hoop the girl? oh, she's cute great feet oh, god i like you come play a play when he all in love man, you know so in love so ticketed there's no courting. what is it? omg useful real

great about to be loaded all right. i wish you guys consider this rain when solomon is honest about alicia mannequins, i've had enough, but it's terrain we've got to bring this family together all right, this is all reasons with our friend. i don't think it's hurt. oh, yeah that sneaky suspicion to somebody else what you need i think it's hurt i'm talking with this girl, how did you find out about this? you'll have to say the girl's name

but how you how you find out? if i ain't attention you do me favor gino apparent ran attention like one paying attention? all i'ma say is this even love not in love she's a very nice girl really yes, what is heaven? what about how long was he talking about? she's not she's not i thought it was somebody else she's not as big as i thought she was i thought she really want to reveal this so back look at him cleaning it up. yeah, it is so poor that he corday they give mac if you'd only be talking about it like this

is what this work over at mtv to chill out chill out? what if it so i think it is? she's too good for wax wine, and he needs to stop acting like he's not in love with her all right i should go too good for me wow, let's talk about junking i see him like this don't try to fucking listen young hungry over here trying to fucking mama totally dude. yeah carly stop fucking freaking that's his name with a name, then kim jeong-hoon almost the same thing way i don't have no problem with know korea. having nuclear weapons. you mean, i'll probably have nuclear weapons i promise i'm saying that they're gonna blow up the us and have an ocean well

i think they're only dated you're only saying that because it's trump's fucking really they've been saying that for 30 years i thought i heard em say ten either because we didn't care anything about no greater fucking settlement except rogen and james franco them to that place exhibit. that's gonna be emily fucking with me i mean you just make it won't be about a country a man is making a mockery of me oh, no somebody do a movie about you getting something that you might want to fuck, huh by the way don't me tell you why i don't have a problem with no career any country having nuclear weapons right first of all we also how america did iraq right yeah? after saying that they had weapons of mass destruction when they didn't right after seeing that if i'm any other country

i'm like oh, no, we getting this nuclear way because asia i think it's a game, and i don't trust them motherfuckers at all and i'm gonna let you know i have them to stay the fuck away from me so here's the thing uh i agree with you i don't i think every country has the right to protect themselves right eat, especially small ones i mean a midget with a gun is no longer a midget. no. yeah, you know a girl a girl. i'm not okay period you got to show me some goddamn respect all right so and so i understand why especially small countries they want to have some you know i guess sovereignty with that that being said there are other countries nuclear weapons that are threatening to blow up the us and their other that aren't as irrational as

north korea's, i mean is a very rational place what did i get into you for me in mid you see that struck you fucker with them? know them they got a little dick you have a baby music. tell me i got a little dick i'm have to show you something like look hot dick girl he pulled it out my dick can't get over there, but he can get the guam alright my dick can't get to new york, but it's gonna get the gorman spots, not above, alyssa it was a solution first time fuel from guam of south americans on the same day. there's no line though we treat them like some outsiders and all sudden alike, not our shake, and you can take a hit if they do, shoot some you think is a fiddle. i mean they can't shoot up the sky. what are you talking about?

no, no, i'm good, and they shoot something. i yank on korea america. yes, but we are in their computer systems you don't think it's coincidence that whenever they shoot a missile all sudden agem you know over the the pacific they're like they tried, and then the missile fell it. we're already in there coming be honest with you and i don't trust the arrogance of america anymore and what i mean by that is i used to trust the arrogance of america, and i would believe things like oh the country can't fuck with us but we've clearly seen that it's not the case in the past year so like i did this new technology hacking and all his other ships level the playing field bro bro in a lot of ways like we don't know who's doing what? because all it take is one little nerdy motherfucking in north korea, then ain't getting no pussy

that's all in everybody game of thrones is now i mean that's not all right. i know it's all over there. i know how to fuck this motherfucker i got a pitch out of fuck off. no, or just a song buddy from today on you fuck with america yeah, don't do our elections don't bomb us just leak shit from the series that we love tell us what happened to tell us. i having it yo, you're right. you realized how much daily song you know trump sounded like a game of thrones getting wet we're going at least hell, and fire fire and fury. he said white walkers they watch too much tv yesterday my kick my anxiety is you know you know what everybody's immediately started talking about

but you know over the last webisodes the power came out. yo yo game a total script got lijo like literally we're on the radio this morning angela tells the story about donald trump i say a little something you know and and he just sits there when angela said the game of thrones curve got leaked and he's like yeah two thousand people are shot over the weekend chicago. yeah the strongs emphasized not to throw them but would that mean i get to watch all episodes right now. they're staleek the script, but come on man anybody read my reading that shit fuck. oh fuck you read. you read it um pharrell

i love game cause these people are not reading the script no man. you love sex you don't read the fucking bucks the words in the condoms well maybe if you read the box you would never leave in use god i do use counting oh i see listen i'm just kind of i wear a condom while you using condoms with wifey. no king jeongwu. where's yesterday the record show he does not deny that she's wifey. no, i didn't i under know that he was very faithful. that was crazy. i know like yo, i'm watching what? daddy is through to mike andrews at the table which means when it was from romaine or mayonnaise at a table with two romanians, you know? another guy london, it's a guy a

guy oh funny coming jason jason jason's dead with his girl yeah, his girl's a vintage petition letitia sitting by white clothes soon. i say to jason i say letitia dunlap that wax four times minutes. you better get down there win the girl they said i would talk about art and all these other things i just feel looking at the corner of his eye every once in a while what i'm making jokes? move i told you to come on what you told me what this girl said no come over me about your girl go over to my people emasculating how you make a girl come in for a fuckin girl and then knock it all wax went and sat by himself. yeah, and was on his phone

scrolling texting, i'm like who you texting you like not sure he sure you make sure that thing is not a pussy waxes yes, right now. he was concerned that she was a bull he wasn't painting none of the pussy at the table. that's true the only person good the holy part of the news that i look married at the table with me doctor oh no johnny sloman 11 he's restaurant his mother took one hit out of the hookah and bizarre. i was like they poisoning 8:8 i look at the clock. i'm like i should be an older i have no limit left andrew and there with the young ladies wax came back to the room. oh max in love man

is erin i don't know what it is good charlotte unspecial nonetheless. this is very very good. i like this i like positivity i'll just says father say whatever are out there young lady, you got him don't let him fool you i do not you he's not used to being in love. i'm sure i don't ask. oh. look was he in love anyway what's really being alone probably telling you things like you deserve better. no yeah, he wants to be that bad god help him get there. he does gotta motivate him. he's in love. how'd you meet this girl? can't tell her i don't even know i really don't even know you love it. oh be honest. i don't even know what you're talking about like what are we talking about? what else is going on a news okay?

uh sure herpes like a hot now you're tmz now you want to talk hoppy no, no before that is only about the recent google firing what a disgrace. i'm gonna be honest. i don't think i should hazard me neither yo, you know only that girl fucked it up for everybody though. i think like one of those situations it's not you're a dork no i think this is one of those situations with nobody kids budget roof are you a rock star with no herpes well, i think nobody cares about the truth from the lies more entertaining. i don't i don't even think osha has our video i'm gonna be totally honest. i don't even get it from that fat girl, or he didn't give him ya know nothing to do with the number of reasons

i think she's lying they had it's the only most no now 90% charlemagne 90% asian man. haitians. love fat. yeah, you're right okay they noticed yeah no that no, they i never knew that well, he might have latino was enough to now make on a 12-pound adobo, bro yeah, anger too much is lit. by the way did i was shocked i literally thought of jason whitlock my first no she shouldn't be able to share the same meat is fuckin chilly though like that's the problem chili's 11 that we would ever see tweets out for for for you. don't know if she's talking about jays out my way faster guys i came down everybody

look at me. we sweep over for the smiley face get up obama's hot lady - is give my right back with that big pun talk now 50 passes out of there, huh, this is only 21 yes, unless you have a heart and have a heart attack 21 with three kids. no no but i'm not sure who doesn't think that was nothing in there come on this girl must have some super good place real good pussy those feisty wedding i just from sweat just yeah, just my walk-in yeah, how many like a friction that it's a fight? we made a fucking fire her weight has nothing to do it. i mean, it's a duck i was doing i magnin like know i know for damn sure i think it should be slander if a girl that fat says she

has sex with you this might be a chubby berlin that's not chubby snubby a dangerous, so this is like extra seat belt at the plane no no no he goes. oh, that's a row oh wait. she can't even fly commercials you gotta fly cargo. oh she has to be it not going into excess. no way to gain extra weight she's the one you've no one to claim and you thought complain with me by the way delegates please they want by the way you can't even be upset when you're that big and you're mad at the world because the world is not accommodated for people your side, and it shouldn't be yeah, why would we cater to something? we know all my problems i? shouldn't say that about everything my cholesterol diabetes high blood pressure. she gave us her diabetes

gave her herpes allegedly, and he definitely gave it back you did with our problems everything if you had a lift running layers up she gave him a song at least was not moving mountains i'm not gonna front. oh, it was a video of jermaine dupri and he put on the way to the studio and then uh she just pops up behind him i'm like yo they bout to go recording fine random people headed to the studio and also, just pops up like batman like he's singing. he's like my last round. oh shit hit come confessions part three go imagine smashing that big girl those four really know what type of positions do you do with that big girl snicker? oh now? you're acting like you never fuckin hello i'm gonna tell you the why she wasn't that she liked the girl them rabies in any size ah

wax stop you said 412 this girl probably will fall no 300 pounds then when i fight you had with 300 325 no man doesn't matter over 300. yeah, how'd you have sex with her? like she bent over in the first time this is balcony first to get me head on the balcony you ever seen the world's strongest man competition where they take that big ass fear rock and they put it on top of a little? no, no is not doing that. where is that okay? i know picking her up was never know she went over her leg now let your thigh no no no water couch at first and then you feel like she had to asses because it was so big like mr.. magnusson i'm gonna say how accurate is it for no reason because nobody else's fuck is only big girls there i'm gonna show you how accurate to admit it look at that meat. what does that mean say? i mean says quantizer

which is the girl on her way to pick up her settlement check from us her like she's on a motorcycle yeah, she's at least 200 pounds. what is the side? what is the time you see let me see wait at the time think you going a lot myrtle beach myrtle didn't? happen to me you want to fuck this girl is only black bite a weekend life like a weekend is a fat woman to valley it is right like a weekend look like it's a bunch of fat chicks rallying in front of animality cousin agree like that though like that but over the past five six years griffin black michael we know it is wax was in myrtle beach talking a for like a week and was like the first woman's march

what do you mean, let's just fat chicks, and shit you can get in trouble. no now now it is now it is what do we pull over for when we went to bones? where do we pull over oh listen? we had to pull over i swear we're driving the hot light comes accurately that's a problem, right? that's what hot light comes on a krispy kreme. it's literally like nine girls on bikes who just saw we're going to cripple ility the life. i'm going like that. there was no line when su said hot light, okay my that's going on out there i'm going on out there, but i don't the girl lied the girl said she was pregnant from always i seen before right dayton i think it means kevin powell he plays ronnie devoe on the addition. i'm pretty sure she pops it up she fucked it up. she said she was dating him dumbass. she really has a problem, bro, and it is you from brooklyn

and it's just like isn't anything like like when you get a certain amount of success in your career. you know how like some dudes they start doing some gay shit allegedly do some girls start having sex with big women is it something happens when you're me all have sex with big girls or any of your life? you got at least have one or two big girl girls before i really but it's not what i thought well it's not what i think i'd be doing when i'm one of the most famous - i don't know fucking big girl, bro sorry in lecture has had some suspicious taste in women you like older women he does. i'm talking about that in the breakfast club he's like older women. i'm not mad at that

i was this is worse than he had why do i go to women our lives are like bullying women? you're saying listen all look at if i made my top five hottest chicks right now. they're all forty five a better easily. i like angela bassett i like fucking set up a dryer circuit, we always say but you understand. how did you know? is anybody sagging though you can't be that? stupid i believe in you know biology doesn't even allow that and on the explore page and i'm looking for girls with fucking bifocals in a blouse you look, i'm not a no no there's their hot knee i want you to go there these women

i heat other mothers don't do a maxi high over regina. hall fifty years old you don't you shouldn't have answering what are you doing on instagram? she was like look at this you have instagram no, no, these girls you talking about is very easy all right the other one i came here is really crazy nightly thing okay and everything i've tracked it as a 25 year old victorious eve a doddle some some of them they got in here that i like you like all the women for how they talk you like all of them for their brain i better adi they got fucking do you remember tears of that arya? no, she's got it? she killed us want to try your old girl amazing all cheese oh, whoa. no t25 yo girls is like burnt out and drunk you see the way you like embrace your laughs shit

you're legit allow a little girl to be hiring champion i was scared you, just put her up with the 50 year old shows what a no she's not she doing all these girl that's fuck where you gonna get you young bro. all it didn't matter to him now. look old look young. you don't want sleeping i'm telling you. oh the woman is where it's at bro. now. you're buggin, okay now you ares a glass in the last year 50 she's not fit. now. he know he don't but listen just sayin character 53 years old i'm not it may carries 42 according to what dance according the ghoulish you look great wikipedia that's what i got that from - god bless man kids si beautiful edible, that's what we're going to do that was unique regina hall, bro. i mean, i'm saying she looks incredible 442 knows you don't you think oceans 42. no, i didn't data to like surgery

that's the ceiling since i like a timeless beauty i don't like oh she's hot cuz she 20 pence how much i don't know i don't know why he don't know why you don't want to fuck those other girls, and he'll not have sex you still learning with the me on older girls are gonna fucking wet a spec. you're absolutely right. you know what i think by definition of sex i don't know you back a night. what a girl's head into the sink no put the fucking i put an ice cube in a pot holder and you oh not in that ass fuckin exactly i don't know how to sex one girl say no i guess that's what you're really good at you know how to talk about fuck me

exactly, they gonna fuck you first just wrap your ears of the dread saying at times but actually being on fuck they not going to tell you no i'm not coming back to the room the older ones like let me get this drink and we won't actually run they're going to the romantic on to you they can't get probably condom what they going to get what you mean you get are you gonna get pregnant felicity? bullshit no see all these old indian woman still pregnant lee you're talking about while view 50 years old your woman you should definitely using condom because you got you came too far to get herpes. yeah now you are get it up so you guys will get audition who care? oh, man let it go bro young and shit

it's wrong with genomic some old motherfuckers right now, bro yeah, 50 young so hold on so you think you gonna die at 50. i'm not dying. how old is lewis dj i don't know. i'm not fuckin up luana problem for the past 30 if we're talking about dudes i'm talking about the girls. i'm trying to fuck. i'm trying to fuck on the you everyone here oh, the women is way of sad well. i know i'm not trying to success if you're a woman, i mean either angle i think why we why we sitting here lion are you eating on a product do you? place it in a moment about race. oh williams. here was all amazed back briefs. i know i got food oh develop you fuck women whose body side body appearance is definitely 63 you know you got a body age

that's the odds of the body age 63 some of these women you fucker 63 how you know you fuckin 300-pounder in fucking my myrtle beach? that's your whole body always had to leave seven years ago at least seven years ago slaloming and longer than that come on all right, it's just i'm saying come on, but unless i'm uh fuck the fat girl since then we thought we were dating we thought you were the one we thought was your wife what are you talking about a month ago, what is this guy talking about it? urgency in his voice fuck now seven years ago

my fuckin bad girl said i have learned my lesson bullshit. you gently shall i read two months ago. stop fuckin fat girls your honor. what are you talking about amazing? life is all got a chubby girl one minute other morning charlemagne i'm named a numerous times if you like what's affection you yo can watch your fat horn you watching fat porn you just sometimes want to get the fat girl some so that's why i watch my porn life at porn how much you know more? right you watch porn in general. yeah, what's funny? you know what's morning?

okay christian is the one who wanted to watch porn whoa. i'm just saying whoa you know was listening right now. god well? i'm just telling you we god christians because we know we need help like this will i we go to church because we know that we got a primary born sinners yes, i know. that's why i go. i'm gonna tell you the amount thank god i don't think god uh god's accepting that excuse anymore, bro. what do you mean? he's over that? he's over that whole forgiveness thing man, that's what he does point in your life, man. you're wrong you got to stop using me as a scapegoat. no. that's sorry i'm telling only reason why you don't rush your weakness know certain things i can go. oh, i know a lion

i guess you chose filling by just fire can't control using my dick suleman. what the idea is this is like it's wrong for him to make you a sinner and then punish you for sinning exactly that would you give you choice though you tried to manger you chosen the wrong thing. oh my baby getting hard i'm trying to stop you. make sure do me i don't want to die like on my dick a lot of the fact that guys making your dick hard nice guys speaking you making all objects are you not a bigot on know this god get my dick up preparation. i appreciate you i do you love jesus what i do he loves you. so my point. you'd use know it i? want you to know like this. i don't want to do this don't

do this this is not right you can't talk like this. i'm not so we back from london never live projects they don't matter once again let me ask you this question no, you have much to think about know jesus said all your sins are forgiven right now listen we're not doing we're not doing that dude. oh you guys i cannot be that. yeah bring it back up again all you can do is spinning arches of your feet and just bop bop ba-bop ba-bop. what else is in the news? gonna definitely, love you jeeves

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tomatoes check out this week's menu get your first three meals free with free shipping by going to blue apron calm slash idiots you'll love how good it feels and tastes to create incredible home-cooked meals with blue apron so don't wait that's blue apron calm slash idiots blue apron a better way to cook i do want to apologize jesus local zone. i don't feel right talking like that. i just want to set test waxing the low foot for now i love yo this is the shit eat a man hoppity, holy nice keep poppin everybody that believes in abrahamic religions. well actually just i guess christians and muslims. they all believe in jesus. yeah, dude he ate a man let him use that in his home today. he had yeah, this is that in fact, bro i was still going to pass a car lintz about this this week clued the

practically on college getting a bad rap, but now called a great dude and i'm a trifle what people think i'm justin bieber all couples and messed up. yeah violence. i'm dead i'm serious come on charlie. they just think me telling me to do that outfit. yeah you while i'm the one min, defending carl all week well, i'm fucking justin damon you haven't seen the pictures that they're trying to say look suggestive nicely they both got their shirt off no god that is right almost good call a good face to face they like cheek to cheek car looks better than angela bassett yeah, right? yeah, how you gonna crazy anyway? you're gonna grab a pussy yes. i have i asked them. i said i was like you

know what you said, i show you a lot of grab pussies man. i see watch what with grab a pussies now yeah, i feel like grandpa's i go like those god make certain you know they actually got one that don't mean nothing no, more told you that what you mean, you didn't understand everybody got the balls to cut the meat off yo, but you but a girl can have a dick man. are you talking about? you never saw all today. i show you what happens to my fucking boy my boy got smash in the fucking tranny. i got pictures in my voice a try stop saying that woman i mean, i don't want no problems stop saying the trans person my boy got caught

giving head we got pictures in exams into so what i get it. i just please tell me though don't have a wife ilu well. he'll tell us when you got a white goatee, or four-pillar i think it the guy got a wife a kid. yes oh, why are you guys you don't know he's cheating. he can't be doing that type of shit he's found other girls till y'all you buggin all right anyway, so look maybe she knows no she didn't know first of all the picture. i saw that man. he was getting talked into that oh, he's mad you love your first time you don't you depth at a first time thing? no, not right now exactly, i want. i want to know about yeah. y'all give me some my hair some. i want to fucking know y'all reason i tell you about my said no man bullshit if i'm with you we cool

certain things you gotta tell you i it's a rule. i'll ask you his rules so guys tell madam no all right how about you all the time? so he'll everybody everything about the girl you love in it who's the girl you love then well you asked me? i got to tell you and by the way you can ask him about the trans guy girl that's boning them don't lie or not you know i played it all the time when it comes to people you know that are homosexual. you got two kinds i'm not home a second that are very open with it. you know what i mean, those are cool you got the ones that are in the closet is three you have the ones that are in the closet you got the ones that are open with it, and you got the third who are like name any of your fucking business

right you know what i'm saying if i'm out here with you, so what that's me? i'm not high, but mommy a boy like that. you got to tell me yo you gonna get something to dig with no all right back in the day when i used to be a savage and i would tell you about other girls it was girl that i know we could get a train on right so i'll be like y'all you need to bang this chicken i'm saying i smash she down whatever that's cool. everybody down to get another dick with me ain't no need for me to touch king george, no leave me let me down tom then tell me time so i know if i want to hang out chill which you don't be having me why would you wanna hang out and chill? let me see

if i tell you tom giving out fire your head, and i have it i bring tom around i'm not going but you know why we're not going thomas i know pull your dick out catch something. i ain't got time for that than that dumb shit what if tom says i'm not i'm not so homophobe, and i'm not homophobic i say say say we all going out you bring your boyfriend. i don't want you out with a kissing why not we don't want to i know i'm not i don't like drink wonders. if i don't want a drink i'm going to the hall you know i got a ball career, but when you're on a bar, and you see other people drinking. you're not upset i'm not upset, but i just something i don't want to see i don't want to see it happen

i can't believe it is almost over don't you call me what you want to call me in a fuck it i don't want to see this shit why cuz i don't worry my well brother get you yes, you and duval's michael drug bullshit. i don't want here click your videos not homophonic carry him into a van oh yeah, and you not be delicate roger. i choke hold it by his neck oh don't break them we gotta go we gotta go okay yeah, just don't put them on film yeah, please don't the thing will acting on fucking well with it wherever you drop those drugs many drives, but i don't have a problem with gay people at all i just have a problem with having sex with basically women and men if you want to do it

go ahead and do it on the down-low and all the shit. i write agreement. i read a great book years ago. i agree with that. i read a great book years ago called on the down-low, and i forgot to read by but yeah i mean that causes a lot of a lot of problems. i got that well i can always hate one whenever because whenever you take away some i empower mary and she no no no the problem. let me no problem with that now you smash the guy. yeah if you have you have you got a relationship with a woman yes? and you're sleeping with guys on the side. you should ask me every single. i'm not mistaken why i'm chris isn't it is woman ladies on the down-low the guy had got hiv

ended up giving it to you also if i'm not mistaken so that just real quick you can also get that from doing needles on the low you can also get that from having sex with when you will want to know somebody's life my pointers my point is if you don't feel like you need to tell the girl you're with that you're cheating with a girl i don't think that you should need to tell the girl you what you're cheating with a guy i think you don't there's more things. i think you risk a luau yes, a little high risk of contacting a contracting hiv yes yes alright, so uh really lie, but the reality is you pick your seat let us know comment?

well, you're safe with a guy your table - dude. you're safe with a chick then you're good i don't think guys give that away by the way women will definitely react different when they find out you're jesus guys how's your potentiating with a woman yes? cos limit on the folder okay? call it what you want to call it i don't i know women who don't like it bro. okay women know like that i'm saying fuck you with your women are going to fuck you if you build it we've been asking that question always we've been doing like little uh you know just the social experiments and asking and women definitely are not they don't like those you if they find a note their homophobia also and i said this on a past podcast i think that's why we're so against the idea of us being thought of as gay because we know the second were thought of as

gay women ago fuck women ain't gonna fuck us so we got a fight for our masculinity or not a masters fight for our heterosexuality to maintain pussy in our life that's not the only reason but i think but if i call you gay and girls like oh he's gay on the fuck with him. that's why you heard that what you call me now. she was one of my best friends that's all he's so after you sued a rolling stone or but now it is so i mean i can't really speak about it right now because the legal situation but um yeah, it's like you know what you're really is true i'm a thousand percent supportive of this absolutely that if you slander somebody absolutely affect their ability to make money people don't realize because of the situation there's opportunities to chew us out

oh, no, not really okay fair enough, not really i mean it's been no opportunities of my reputation i got my reputation with my life, and i tell you this all the time like don't don't i don't label me i hate i hate full person in any way shape or form i tell you the things that piss me off you say i hate black women that pisses me off for obvious reasons you know i mean because you say i hate my wife my daughters my mother and my grandmother aren't women that raised me women that have given me so many opportunities in this business, and then when you say i'm prejudiced like i like i tell you all the time i read i'm reading some shit online, and i'm literally everything i was fucking my everything i misogynistic anti black

racists and uncle tom hump a coon like how everybody. i hate everybody. i hate white people like homophobic. i'm trans. oh wow i guess you got to stop telling me you know what i'm thinking so it's just like you know when i when i read a headline that rolling stone put out that. i just thought was so irresponsible it said janet mock respond to charlemagne to gods transphobic comment i didn't make the comments young's areas that i've just is complete bullshit so you're following this social media narrative, and it's like a bad chain letter and i just expect more from the number one music publication in the world i don't after they fucked up that a college rape story got very true, but this is i mean, it's just sensationalist nonsense

they're trying to get clicks and to handle repercussions for their cliques and now you start to see repercussions for their cliques remember? what fader put out that thing with hulk hogan and then conquered a gawker? yeah put out the thing it's all cold enough oh come on jerking off right listen man. i know exactly what i used here knopf you got a video you got here knopf. i think it was a whole night. he was jerking off in the hotel room listen you got a whole people responsible, and you know like people are saying stupid shit to me i saw a couple dumb people say um oh which but you talk about people all the time it's the difference between your opinion and they created you someone and straight up line on someone trying to you know what i'm saying if i'm giving my opinion about something my critique about something totally different and just straight up lying, and you're giving your opinion about something that did happen. yes

there's a difference between after making something up giving opinion on it. i'd even say to happen yeah i hope you only have those listen though this idea i'm all supportive of freedom of the press, but has some integrity press because right now you putting out a lot of this fake news and you want no repercussions for it i'm sorry and it's causing more of a divide amongst us because it's plenty of people who don't know me who never had a conversation with all they know about you is yeah who may be new to me you know they had a comic a furnace girl? who's a comic said some shit? i get with which are my turn the birches club, but he already has a

messed up character, which is that been really not panic unless i go. i go what you mean. she's like well, you mean you said a lot of questionable thing in the past. i though like what cuz i just heard his name it's like you read one article. i hated about anyway, and that's we all kind of do that though i'm holding everybody accountable because this is another thing when you're jumping out the window, and you're say anything so solemnly misogynistic solomons homophobic solomons transphobic solomons anti-black even though i got a book out called black person in the concept with a book is i think it's a privilege to lady said the lady said that at the arm at the thing is in la but likely that girl over there well, she said say you own, you don't think against black people yeah

hold back to delay a political that was another another woman you talking about that's not certain up did not the trans trans women lima no test. not black no no ashley knows only awesome but a black conservative stood up told me that i'm oppressing black people. why because of my liberal she said that she said i am oppressing black people and i never have black conservatives on the so i say we reach out to black conservatives of all the time and they decline i was like you act like first of all if you know anything about media when you have a bernie sanders on your show or hillary clinton you have to invite the other side the other side didn't want to come no republican presidential candidates wanted to come to the breakfast club all right real quick to that point um i

would make the argument that black privilege in a lot of ways mirrors some conservative ideology i mean for accountability so her saying yeah, her saying that your your anti black because of your liberal views i'd say i understand what she's coming from the idea that like this victimization only holds black people down, but you're not playing the victim card what you're playing is the accountability card yeah, it's more conservative, so i think this is a person who's just misinformed without your lesson people like to say oh later people attention people tell me they'd be like yo solomon you got a real pull and pull them up by the bootstraps mentality i said no that's what we said i have ideas you have a real conservative pull them up by the bootstraps mentality

i said no, i have a real outcast in goody mob mentality and that's get up get out and get to make something great like that just you know saying you got to get up get out and get something period so just like she stood up and she's like oh you're oppressing black people and i'm like yell man the narratives that are being created on social media about people are so fucked up in social engineering is so real because we're just so quick to believe whatever's out there like whatever makes us feel good. whatever make oh boom never makes. it makes us feel good yeah, they say oh, she got her piece. yes, sure. i don't know no bigger than x because uh sure it's famous. yes he's rich he big enough, and he labs are he's been pretty much clean yes, his whole career this guy

dates older women that that other woman will be like why he'd ain't had he not up to his standards haters give a fuck right so it's like now that you got something on him like skull is right names in what kevin hart said you oh my god? over here. i love kevin hart till you hear the ball. god kevin didn't even do shit. yeah kevin's literally in the front seat of a car girl in the backseat somebody else in the driver's seat he's having a conversation and the headline comes out kevin hart cheat. oh wait crazy we need to paint we never have thought of picture wait. he didn't cheat on her no no lookit you were in the front seat of a car here by the way, okay, if you know kev if you know kev. yeah, that's not cabot keep animating. yeah he's in the front seat of a car

she's in the back seat somebody's in the driver's ed. having a conversation if i go he's cheating actually went away, so fast but for that moment everybody couldn't wait fuck this shit on cash i couldn't wait because he's doing better than them. i'm not gonna lie. that's a sign of success yeah comes with the comes with it if want to tear you down tear you down you a pop and bronze be honest. that's why threat that's why i gave joe budden props last week because he was the only one that was real wooden goes yep, charlamagne got away this time shoutout to the drink the transgender community cuz i was ready to ride with y'all to get him the fuck out of here. you know and then he goes i can't wait to decide with somebody they get charlamagne the fuck up out of here

i respect that you know i'm saying guess what when people don't like you or people want your position they'll ride with anybody that's against an enemy of your enemy surfer. oh my god they'll ride with anybody or anything that you enjoy got to be principal you got to be present? like don't you know today man like it's like every x-men movie right it starts out with some beef between magneto and x-men then some bigger villain comes along and then they go yell magneto just ride with us on this absolutely we could get this bigger villain out of here and then we fuck with it. and that was basically what happened with john joe was like who's like? i i'm not saying the trans people are the bigger villain, but in that situation he's basically a you know you i can't i can't battle you on this one

yes, and then and that's why i love when situations like that occur because you first of all i know all the usual suspects but did i like to see the new people like yeah, yeah, yeah, let's do. let's pile on with this oh, this is great like like nobody had comment liam who? don't worry. we don't name names remember i had them all got a list ari's now. there's nothing like you on the leg not everything is nothing. i would aware of everything. i'm watching i just like you're doing a role in stolen, right? what about what people doing stuff on instagram like fucking people up. can you pseudo me you sue anybody on instagram? give me a fucking. what do you mean like saying bad things about them that's not true lander in them you can sue anybody. yes

absolutely, well i'm a b-boy. sue somebody my fuckin thing i should lose i heard i should about to sue don't people died came out. they shit. oh he raps not the girl yeah, we got super fucking colouring. i don't give a shit poor fuck. yeah, she lying. i'm on your ass i like the way. i should handle in it because we're so quick to defend ourselves nowadays if i know something's not true i don't give a shit you know i'm saying the truth. don't need no defense all i need an ego so if something's not true, because they don't even matter fuck if i suppose it come out right now. i'm like i don't have herpes nobody would believe him. you know why because nobody cares about the truth from the latin or anything i can't i can't last long okay. i said this for the measure said listen. i don't have herpes don't get me wrong. i'm shocked too. i thought that i would have at least a few stds by now. so happens

i don't have herpes. i'm sorry what if he came out like yo, i've had gonorrhea. i've had simply about the paint i just don't have herpes if he came out like that with it. we're like oh, he was out of human and even if this rare they wouldn't that what about the guys the guys she's wrong to that. what about the guys or no guy? would you take my ears? i mean, i don't know all i know is those two people. i remained anonymous are smart to remain anonymous what the guy remained another guy another girl know me girl i came out with the big girl because she clearly just wants attention she thought my super nose. yeah, sure she tweeted last week if she literally tweeted out last week. i need some money we'll stop spending on food

and then she tweeted out then she tweeted out just enjoying my last few hours as a regular girl shut the fuck up see a much energy young like to come knocking on it or maybe more a spot on love in here. you gotta get bunch of followers i'm sure you got a bunch of followers on instagram. let's be clear mona is a little shallow you spiders now you feel desolate astrovan above a screw oh, yeah, a fat girl. you ever seen on any man fact what that gracie needles even better right now? pop nah, they need a fact they need that yeah they got the midget wanna go get a mon you got a mid to watch so they need to do a fat chicks in new york bad secret. yes the boss or am a fool and no true to be great? oh my god ice cream my lord this would be beautiful

i love it, mona scott no i'm not gonna do that fat chicks of charlotte fat chick quantitation city to memphis and six-man antonio pat? san antonio bruce on charles barkley oh god damn it. we need a fat chick she laughs gotta have it yeah, and they went to mike the floor so we can hear them walking in have a scale everywhere they go you fucking i have the water glass of the the water just rippling like in jurassic park and the t-rex is walking by dune dune, dune welcome francesco got you now. hey watch have a bunch of fat girls coming after you i feel like i could beat them in a race

hey, i'll be are you got to start back in like being fat is cool so head with the job like that's what y'all do you mad at us for telling y'all the same thing. that is true i'll tell you brodus you like to go today to save shit in a few minutes they do need to lose weight what you wanted to wear white coaches said jack you're gonna tell you to stay that thing we're telling you now she's the manager not cool to my visa lose weight like stop. it absolutely absolutely it's not like we ain't in the gym. it's a it's not like we're doing this ideally like nothing if you're fat, it's all your metabolism. i'm in the gym four days a week it i'm watching what i like going. i'm not going to do like the fucking love

i love fucking of very very fucking don't fucking shit. i love this dessert all goddamn love to say fuck vegetable nice every fucking week yeah yeah, i love to but guess what you can't convict that every day all the fucked-up. shit y'all do on the regular i would love to do but guess what it's fine, and that's not how you live with discipline life. i understand that's not how you live healthy life so why was why wait and let your doctor tell you the exact same thing you're telling now first of all i just want to know this shit does work cuz i can't tell you how many times believe that billion idiots live shows or even my stand-up shows where people come up big people come up there like l listen

i'm not gonna lie at first. i was a little upset you were talking shit appreciate ya, i've heard a lot pound i heard yes. i love her. i lost 80 pounds. i love to see my dick man. you know they say dumb. thank you. they say you know keep fashioning them, bro it's working always working and see this is the thing when you say that you're fat good for you and those people who listen they actually make it to me. i'm the most proud of those motherfuckers. yeah, i pound them up, so education like together times you meet someone to be like pull the game by the way it's not fat shaming if you're not ashamed of being fat let's be clear on that cuz i can't say i can call you fat, nigga

whatever you may, not care but if i call you fat and you feel guilty about it you know you could use on the virus you know you can you know you get above it like with slut-shaming you know why you can never slut shame amber rose, but you know fuck fuck strippers you like fuck you guys, but but if you give a fuck about being a slut, and you know you really hiring i said i call you on it, and then you like feel the change are you judging me? oh, you probably said don't you think i tried to use that against amber like they try to get some pussy from amber?

she's like nah beg. yo you ain't really a slut yeah, i'm sorry. i think she say some other weaker she should put something up there what she said i come as she really is pledging to you know pussy i can you really call this like a big day is ib listen to the brave idiots on the loan look like i'm hoping i get credit well i always say you not a hole let you fuck me. i never called i don't mind holes anyways, i'll never do that anyway. i don't call girls holes i i? can't alright never fuck you able to call your own. yeah, oh you're looking everybody would call a

hoe is your girlfriend man way what i'm just saying like if you girl fuck somebody else at the only girls you actually call a home she's not a hoga super bugs and mario make a great point a lot of stuff that we've heard on brilliant idiots we've said on billion idiots at breakfast club and these types of platforms that one does make it into the mainstream and i had an emotional ass instagram post after london me. i was feeling really proud about what we did right it was i wasn't cried, but i just like what we've got going on right now. which i think is so important there's a lot of podcasts that have like a cult following and when i'm so proud about about our podcast is we don't attract weak minded people

everything is a conversation there pat people three half people disagree with you constantly pushing people to be to think different ways about the world they take these different ideas it's not whatever charlemagne says. i agree. whatever sources. i agree with it sometimes. i agree somewhere. i've showed motherfuckers challenges do they challenge i challenge? them absolutely any time to shut the fuck up in the back of them we also do that but it's the most amazing cultural movement that i see going on and i know people think that's a grandiose idea but i really think it's the most powerful cultural movement because we're pushing the agenda and conversations that you we have here on this show. they end up on fuckin cnn. they end up in sitcoms and people twist yo, we all were just talking about this a week ago

if the rays going through our whole phase right now on insecure when winner-winner we're about your boy been talking about the whole face for some years now. you know i'm saying was like shit. you listening. this is this is a crazy i'm not saying it took that from you what i'm saying is she's a man-eater cricket be older than 88 21 sava job. whatever we talked about him below misery emily like jihad saying that she took that what i'm saying is the conversations that you have are clothes that we have here have become such a part of culture right if they've organically worked its way into shit absolute like hurricanes talking about the three years he's the term has he is literally before i've never heard announcer saying that shit here and then he'll announcer said i see all the time like cross over erin

no, the word has he existed before what we've had on here the podcast we made it part of the cultural lexicon bro. vocabulary so everybody was part of this i just want to say i'm incredibly grateful but you're also responsible for these movements that happen don't worry about her and wearing idiot cartoons coming in tv shows and all that good stuff movies we gonna do it the fuck yeah heard came the other day, so i think it's acting both. yeah i want to do with the cameras like the three a.m.. thing when i did it three a.m.. wait like girls don't come and do how the three i'm doing try gary thomas has that can say that camera yeah out of here will just kill a kid. i'll tell you the same thing that i told you. i'm gonna

i say you supposed to describe as really telling it was fusco there i did for they all coming your house, and how you said don't they do i don't know the by the way i didn't say that. i did say that but wouldn't you tell your daughter don't call guys how do i not feel like i'm against all i'm saying i never said it's okay to rape ever there's never a reason i care she's fuckin neck and she say nah. i went to a pretty close icon let her leave chile's hell out of that. you gonna get god that one of your boys out. i am stopping you ginger only person to have volcanoes is that motherfucker written first another smokin x? i get right brother eamonn fucking close quantity

look, i just gotta go let her smoke right here. he's like no, no let's just go in the closet allotted comfortable chris double down on a crystal whack you want to have sex with a man and then look back dead in his eyes and said so you never talk about fucking to me. no the whole never did no, good as we go ever crossed my mind yes, it is the fuck are you talking about sauce on line man to god after that chris hasn't even disagrees with you have to talk about it on 10 minutes listen. he kept looking at that picture his boy oh yo, yeah, i believe a lot. i said i'm done looking at it like i had to ask him

you know look it's unbelievable looking at how we know your what you saw was no eating that beef no, joke. i think you might take it at fiction bro. no, you're buggin did your dad do so y'all real competitor be like i think i can take that you know unbelievable, i'll think of a nightmare like a lot of shipment happen in the last couple of weeks that man was having a good time man looks good night, man. i just say is should that go i felt bad for the brother. you know i felt bad for him cause he had a shirt on i'm like a wife, you know, i'm all for the man behind you fucking you you know that's if you got a white butyl your boy i got a white being on he'll love

itself so get rid of had the shirt on man that's the only thing i've even swimming when i looked at that when i thought i looked at the picture one time i'm not the first thing. i know you got a straight line. he's not confident not sensible first thing you notice yes, you did notice a guy in a wig bone in his asshole okay, by the way looking about it. i was like why you got a shirt on you start off my brother's you know what i'm saying i'm just all joking aside if you will bottom sleuth all the bottoms out there. i feel your pain yeah, if your bottom and you throwing that ass back man, take your goddamn shirt. i feel confident enough to get butt-naked well girls they got

crab to me it turns out man, man. come on come on man do that have your boyfriend's fucking you with your shirt on leave that he don't care about yourself hey, love is the lack of competition lone hole come on. there's no way. yeah, that's like having shit like taking a shit have you sir hurry up? you're not gonna fight? you know i'm not here for this book know one way to get confident guys and that's to get bevel yeah these bevels the first and only shaving system design for coarse curly hair and sensitive skin experiments on proven to proven and prevent and reduce razor bumps

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when they came they saw things in society that need to be changed for the better and they changed them like i just saw the way people were being treated and he was like no we need to change certain things here absolutely because i can wear these oh his side he prays and the same thing with the prophet muhammad the prophet muhammad came around he's like listen there are certain things in society right now that i think are messed up and we need to change them for the better, right? do you think if jesus came back now a prophet came back now that? they would be upset at

people poor little religious still trying to live like it's 2,000 years ago or 1500 years ago. do you think the dead kill? why haven't you kept progressing like i i think the reason jesus hasn't come back because we know we full of shit let me tell the others you if jesus was to come back right now first of all we wouldn't even appreciate it i probably in trouble. we wouldn't believe him number one. i mean yes, when i came back he could walk on the water, and we'd be like all right chris and we could turn all the water in watch he could do everything and we still wouldn't believe it was jesus period like people ain't as religious as oh no no no no you like i'm telling that no you are

i see certain sides and i always say thank you. jesus like noah's head back as a black man right now right because you know fallen kids in part. i think he'd be bummed sometimes i give money for all intents and purposes he's a black man right although christians that have had this white jesus on that wall they not believe in that shit they're not his experiments. you beat me in my head for years now all of a sudden. you got dreadlocks this skin really is brown. he's saying is jesus not in jesus that jesus. jesus on wall they would we would argue about that before we even got to it. not saying we really believe it i think they look at it as a spirit, and he goes to anybody so lot of time i look at the bums in the street. i want the home

'less people in the street, and i'm like that could have been him right dish i'm not looking at the durst thing there was a story in mississippi um these four scriptures are for dances is somebody had a flat tire this guy fold over on the side of the road he helped him fix a tire probably fine. i did with dance is this shit. he's like. oh shit cool you know once i'll come back to the house went back to the house. they saw you had a lot of money they shot him in the back right if i'm jesus, i'm not coming back. you know i'm not coming back because that happened to me before all right do you tried to help you motherfucker if any of y'all keep backing like jesus game's not like this

do you didn't kill himself bro? so you got murdered like we need to be for real with that? i mean human sacrifice friends you were saying john one cross off but what i'm saying is like the religion is based on human sex in his beer. yeah, they killed jesus it's just it is really how we look at like you know certain like ancient mexican cultures a gas tax and that kind of shit, they're like they made human sacrifice oh my god, that's so monstrous but then the entire religion of christianity is based on human sacrifice man a guy was sacrificed and he his he basically died for all our some guys we got it agency idea that rocket could have come back and we could have killed him or the

jihad we could have come it's totally 12. how do we know more looking through other projects. i said that on these flags i'm like y'all have gotten all of us, so it all depends on what you want to tap in the devil is not suzhou which one you want to go to you know? but that's your decision real chuck maybe if we started believing that more and started believing oh shit, there could be jesus in any of these people we around us. maybe we would treat each other yes supposed to be going and we're not cuz - is our decision we let the devil come on more all i'm gonna give the devil more what now like would he look at us right now, and he'd i kill i made some improvements two thousand years ago

but like keep improving guys like these people who change society right they say that a people intellect on their tippy toes they just see a little bit higher than everybody else, okay, buddy. there's like inches high oh, yeah, everything that we must know is already here. i got the fucked up shit about everything yeah everything we need to know is already here. we just don't apply it jesus don't gotta come back and teach no new lessons. yeah, we should have died or anything where it is almost usable i'm talking about lessons. i'm talking about like you know in jesus like y'all how good we could eat bacon now you can use shellfish. you know like he came around he's like yo we figured it out. so i was like what if there? he was never dead there, but he didn't know i'm casing your bacon essential. we don't give a fuck we human

we do the fuck we want to do deuteronomy 14 eight says you should not touch the flesh with anything nonetheless deuteronomy is old testament new testament who wrote that shit? i'm not i'm not following. oh fuckin ron james version of the bible bro. y'all gotta stop this ship but this is who wrote this new shit who who wrote this new shit is crazy bullshit exactly, so if y'all want to make up rules y'all go along cool but that's because really up is happening by the way sadly means really were like every not not to every new nada came around change society for the better because you were just society based on the time that you're living in so for example during for jews 5,000 years ago they wrote this manuscript right and then 3,000 years went by and then jesus came around and he was like yo

we got changed some shit. we can't be living like it's 5,000 years ago, right and then the prophet came around he's like yo, we got changed some shit. we can't be living like his five hundred years ago i'm atheist come around and like y'all. we got to change some shit we can't be living like it's x amount of years ago. i think that we have to keep evolving i don't think that means we have to lose. god. i don't know you know the words dude know everybody knows right from wrong we just don't do right i said there's a curriculum fully defined right and wrong in different places in some places chopping a girl's clit off is right and as other places it's absolutely wrong wrong religion so important with that religion. we had no place to go i don't think that's religion

i think that's law i think law the different laws like selection of society but not religion it cut people arms it's like we all morally we all know i don't know where you cut in the fucking quick clean off unless you're a sociopath and not know initially there are people that do it and they are not sociopaths it is just part of a lolita, bro keep certain people still and you cut your arms and everything yeah you body shit like that in law when you do some shit like that listening to a motherfucker scream and be about this i got you right. how about this, right? we circumcised penises. thank god. thank god. thank you all that lets nothing like that will do a technological advance, i appreciate

about that i went ahead and circumcision right there yo, that is my god listen, and we think it's totally normal to cut a piece of a baby's dick off that is nice boggling that is where i went to that people are head, and we shed a view thank you way better i can't my dick look like an anteater a little bit better autism and easy-to-clean know better. that's diseases look better i think i want you know people so you understand god going to people in and help them out to the know certain things man come on doctors. he got their hand. they're mine. you're not just smart like that. no read on i have a cambridge, bro i remember that i remember with them. you know that shit that nobody smegma we used to smell like yeah, and if your boyfriend is it now the front girls who i know some girls men got uncircumcised boyfriends wow

wow, bad girl. i forgot ii like a beautiful. hi, this is our hotties why are you doing that to yourself? why do you have you pussy smell like smell the first word? one second an smegma smell yeah you know where you going to see that she's oiled up like ya pussy juice and you'll be back in hand smegma till he came in wisely because i go clean it. oh uk i got fucking ricotta cheese and his word up good morning. we got go to bath got day, not girls. i go to bat for scoop guys i got a bathroom - that is i'm over the hall and berries look point is

point is i'm saying is this morality that we say is so innate to humans in my opinion is not in a certain societies are completely ok with horrible acts and services and all things i just agree why but that's it's not even agree or disagree that's 100 is in fact strong enough societies that are completely okay with honor killings for example social africa are the entire system can never be involved you calibri entire? society has up nominees have you ever had conversations with these people like these motherfuckers like you think about soldiers in america? who come home from war mixed up from ptsd? yeah? they think they're over there in those countries going the right thing yeah when they killing all of these different mup when they come back, they're bombing people they killing kids they're killing innocent women like when they come back that can wash them. yeah

yeah, but you know what they say awesome. he is actually from what they say the ptsd is is a they have a lack of purpose and a lack of love like they say the closest thing to love that you can create or what? love actually is a feeling of love is like mutually-assured survival so every single day when those people are at war those guys are in this battalion where their life depends on another person probably similar to a lesser extent to like sports where you have a really tight-knit team you love those people and then they come back here and all of a sudden. they don't feel that same reliance on another person they don't feel that they need from another person they don't see that same love and that's where the ptsd so sure that's a part of it but it's definitely ptsd because you went over there kill some motherfuckers

i was having explained it plenty of i've talked to plenty of soldiers who are fucked up right because what was doing in iraq in those other countries like killing random motherfuckers a village and having on tampon in too long me shut up man ptsd yeah, somebody just told me another day. what are you talking about ptsd is fucking on it's called fucking fat white women that would have gone sigh bye your energy for else. have you seen on your blacks issues thank you so you think if we lived in london right the way their food is over? i think we'd be totally different type of people

so i think the food that they actually eat in other countries that make them act like that oh, i don't know if they affect your actual behavior, but they definitely did that fool affect my behavior in fucking london they affect your body so your body is very havior but they affect your absolutely affect your body if you expect right now your whole mind your mind it be different that's that's fair enough and that could affect your mindset like clearly diet affects how people look in act and the american certain parts of the country often and everything like we salute the protein in american that's why we're tall as fuck and their countries that don't have a lot of protein their diets as short as simple is absolutely up that make you think different. maybe sometimes in activation not make you small

i probably had like a bunch of murders if your meat was smart a lot of people who kill people just get meat small that's really what it is you and duvall want to kill people who the stupidest shit. what are you talking about? jesus christ a lot of people watch their murder people read have little meat there's no way that you got a big meat and you get girls and you want to kill somebody so you know how because your dicks little that's funny and i want to killing people there's no way that you get girls and you get money and you want to kill somebody you're boycotted by all a little big people across the world

okay, upset because it wax wants to kill him go no, no, i did say see he not listen now. he said what he said you just sound like them. he's saying that he's saying if you have a little dick you're more prone to kill people more prone to because you got some ice on your head no girls won't fuck you and you ain't got no girls and even get no money no chatter back then. oh there's entire chloe thousands of people with little dicks, and they don't go around can mp. yes, i think it what it is is dick side is all relative you're not thinking dude

i was like you know talk dick size relative black people you fuck the game up for everybody before there was black porn there was just white dicks and porn and everybody was like nomination black shit by the way black people are don't talk to that stereotype food at all black men have big dick how big is your dick seven inches three four eight in this one, and you think that's big enough. i don't know it's cool i guess so that's a big deal you think it ain't i don't know what is a big dick listen. we recently had a leak now shake is an aquafina, but listen. we recently had a leak in the camp and on jesus christ. yeah, i gotta go. hey i'm just saying here. we go nobody around us, and you know who got the big? business in the big picture and they got back to us

and this motherfucker did not need to be shown his behind man. nobody home. why she got all these i got a little dick no i got i don't mind not me but i always i got load they my little midget much it grows my synchro little little me, bro oh little yes, fuck that bitch fuck up you need to go so we need to go to sleep while on campaign here in a little dick grows up. low me fucked up low me yeah you look at that meat more than i looked at this fuckin do give a hey y'all look a lot of dicks this week from now on oh

my god, i wanna kick in not feeling. i know you're not homophobic you might be homosexual a lot of guys that bullshit becoming our ways. i'm saying we put it like this this big so little right when i first saw the picture this is one out first got a picture right your thought. it was one enough oh, hi waxing to me pictures do feet cuz i was out in the street. i thought i'd see you in the street and so like a couple hours went by and white goes you really look at this picture. i tell yo bro what's going on me like what that's it you? show me the pictures you not look again. i'm like let me know

that allows you today, or you will stay organized a y'all got dick fixing your phone that's all i hate it, but you got to keep it around just in case i'm never like shut the fuck you just know hated it in case you got a different opinion these i go step courage not to come out yeah. yeah, so baby mom should be on that dick. oh, that's your hey take a picture perfect pitch you purchase your penis you i'ma pull up this big and i'ma get andrews reaction new england i but this is you know you know i really don't send me pics innings girls more safe

i'll show you girls my me tell you something. let me go see mommy i don't want no girls showing their gay friends right the most one will feel bro i just don't want another man show. you down. what had you saying mommy kisses? i don't want you seeing mommy i'm not gay you really don't know if you can get another man seeing my meat bigger something you want to tell us because straight men don't want to see mommy a great you know what you know what happens where i'm trying to get to a charlemagne. we're showing a gay guy. he was like oh, let me see let me see was showing my homeboy he was saying let me see i got a straight man on point. i was showing to you. i was showing people i know would give me the show any line is me. i want a ring

i want a real good reviewing his dick. so i showed i saw some of my women friends a lot of when i saw it on my gay homeboys allow them. they all had the same unanimous decision, but if it were the most trash look at me i was feeling a motherfucking life they was visually unofficially on sense, they would also, people with money and eagles that be like they was just don't believe it. i was like you got a trash disgusting so i go to the far back home well, it's gotta be the text right so the texted you yesterday play it somewhere look didn't let me show you but i got new phones. i ain't gonna shut my shoulder go to the text with wax, and then tell i got it. i got it. i got it here. we go here we go

yeah, it's weird on side a bunch of other stuff now, you'll a he was like let me let me know your ass let me do a bunch of dumb stupid shit. go ahead exactly everybody have to pick pick and make it bigger. everybody actually like the picture school rush, or do it you'll finish it like that's a girly that trash as dick now. you've got a light gun white guys oh my gosh, i was fucking around over that. they normally have small dicks. i'll be honest all we have regular regular yes, that's less than regular bro. yeah, hold on yes, my seat is that question first

night the agency pedicure that big right day. give a white man confidence. you like shit. yeah we're gonna dig let's burn up. you saw anybody's man meet men everybody is we're gonna dig well. i think you need to get it hard before you there you go that's all you gotta do the general consensus waxed every girl's every girl. he wouldn't homeboy it's like why would you send a soft dick pic? expressible you should look like that i wanted him dicks that hang they stick us with no real is what long and they just hang yeah? no, way, bro. this shit barely make it past the ball come on ever seen a little kid sit on a chair where the legs are dangling don't touch the ground molested

it looks like the ball after w mighty player bullish balls up to piss. that's what i prefer insecurities man, and you know what's so funny the way he was acting over the woman that he was sending all that crazy and out of control i would say he was got a little dick or something man if you got looked at you don't get no put he never said fucking only said it's fucking that and i was punching that on he crazy i said that i finish it before guys who love even pussy oh, oh. oh, that's my favorite. she loves it. oh little dick look at load there. what are you doing eating this shit ever? getting that motherfucker, so the person that knows huh the person is why there's no wrinkles on it that's what's also like if you're too small to average

come on. have a little smooth l'audition. all right smooth smooth all right, too small to everything is ground every two can meet you got access get like an accordion. so it spreads outside, okay right legit man coffee. you got no according listen if it is right now. you're here. you should be ashamed a man your name must wanna meet there yo, don't be a mellow but you need looking at that transfer jury when they get dicks you need to get a new my dad i those off that shattered see if they might died off you're trying to get the meet large. what about those kills why don't you take those extending shit? don't worry don't? look at she got my that's why i got the eight-inch dickey who tried to extend

yeah, cuz that's when my wife had fuck this dude in college, and she was like i never seen no shit like that before he's got my logo must have been like a donkey. yeah, oh i went got the magna exhales. i mean who's it? i don't know but that shit, it's frightening oh my god all right listen man, please go to brady's merce calm purchase some videos merchandise loot to high you cloven they got some really dope shit wax got the uh wax tea that i don't know nothin on nothing t-shirt. i got shouldn't go i'm in a little bit of trouble this week. go tailgate um. i think we got another one coming from amongst corner you know that right well got a little monk quality. i think coming in the works. oh

and we take care of family we have to highline ballroom september 30 of 30 trillion idiots nyc live go purchase your tickets now highline ballroom calm is september 30th. go get your tickets for that immediately we're also going to do the milwaukee podcast festival we're going to be headlining that so get brilliant idiots live that's going to be october 28th. yeah i got some shows coming up i got i'm going to be in a buffalo august 24 through 26, then i'm heading my ass out to burning man so if you guys want to go to burning man right now and again, i got a go man i tell you i'm a year older already you want to roll with i gotta just take a bunch of houses and run around it. i don't do acid

i'm not gonna do a skit, but i'm going to do some molly. i'ma do and it really was curious though i think why do you? run around naked. that's what they do right. i mean, there's some people that do that you can see a lot of the same people fuckin flying from airplane. let's sing you shit it's but it art is more like art festival is justified but if you guys are in toronto drug offenders kind of bit you got me you can't be running around negative you got home okay? jay's not invited maybe 92s lucky. i can't die. i hid there with kids. oh, we please not say that. he said let a bunch of the guys who like meats look at his meat. he wants he didn't say was kim say. i'm just joking i'm being serious

got more friends than that. i thought it's three of you. i thought holy friends real family what else then i got a i'm going to be in san diego september 14 through 16 and then november 9th new york city hold that date. i can't say anything about just yet, but hold that date november nice i want app you know i want you guys to come through and we'll have a good time to feminize man that would be great what about you man was going on um nothing little more days continued to continue to buy the book black privilege opportunity comes to those? who created what you going back from london i've got to go back out to london for book to collect four days. sorry i think it seems to octobe i'm not sure when but i'm looking forward to that cuz i never really have gotten in just extended period of time, and i'm only i've literally only been if like 24 hours at a time. yeah

so i'm looking forward to like being there for like 45 days and just really enjoying the city i fuck with london man understood buckle in london. i'll bust with the receipt by a receipt i saw some i tweeting yesterday they want me on the receipt podcast of course are the receipts podcast when i come out in london you know for my book tour in the next month or so i come fuck with our podcast man but i fuck with london heavy saluting lundell so as always if you look to this park as you think was smart you think one intelligent you think we're brilliant absolutely right if you look to this podcast anything with just a couple idiots you don't know

shit, you're right - it's a very latest podcast. thank you for listening you

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