interior design ideas small restaurants

interior design ideas small restaurants

hey, rick uzubell again from cabaretdesign group, talking today about "commercial bar design: how to design abar for a pizza restaurant," coming up! at any point in this video, please check-outthe affiliate links, including the equipment and gift ideas and if you'renew here, definitely subscribe! most commercial bar designs have similarequipment, but why do certain venues require unique bar equipment? the simpleanswer is: the patrons and tradition. the fact is, bar equipment requirementsvary depending on the amount of beer, wine and alcohol a given venue sells. when you think of pizza, you think of beer. this is why pizza restaurants typically sell 60% beer,

20% wine and 20% alcohol, and therefore,will have different bar equipment than that of fine-dining restaurants, whichsell a much higher percentage of liquor and wine and very little beer. here's anexample of a pizza restaurant bar we designed for client in jackson holewyoming. this is markedly different from other bars we've designed. the majordifference is in the amount of alcohol sold. the most notable changes are asfollows: 1). the ice bins are less sophisticated, so simple ice bins can beused in lieu of larger combination ice bins (with bottle wells for mixers) -- asavings of $500 per unit, 2). because less alcohol is sold, there isless of a need to display it and in many

instances the back bar can be eliminatedin its entirety, which could save up to $5,000 or more, and 3). the underbarglass washer can be eliminated, since commercial kitchens have an extensiveamount of dishwashing equipment -- this results in a savings of at least $4,000. the equipment shown in this bar layout is approximately us$15,000, or about us$7,500 per station and represents about a 30%savings as compared to an equivalent bar selling a high percentage of liquor. froma personal perspective, it's always best to wash the bar glassware in the bar. ibelieve that this is the only way to efficiently operate a busy bar. i alsobelieve in displaying liquor, as it's the

most profitable, especially if a craftcocktail menu is instituted. a craft cocktail menu is a must -- evenfor pizza restaurants. as i've written in an earlier post (referencedbelow) craft cocktails yield the greatest profit potential for all bar owners, soyou don't want to be a non-participant in that extremely lucrative offering! lastly, you'll notice the ergonomic efficiency of this bar layout. with bothbartenders moving primarily from side-to-side and neither has to walk more than two steps in either direction.ergonomically designed bartender stations equate to efficiently-run barsand happier customers, which will

maximize your profits and turn your barinto a cash cow!

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