bedroom colors feng shui

bedroom colors feng shui

hi i'm heather founder ofharmony in motion feng shui. in today's video i am going to teach you how-to apply the feng shui bagua mapover the floor plan of your home. the feng shui bagua mapis a tool that we use in feng shui to determine where the nine energycenters of our lives fall within our homes. it consists of: wealth and prosperity, fame and recognition, relationships, family,

health, children and creativity, knowledge, career, and helpful people and travel. once you understand the full meaning of each area, which you can learn more about online, we need to superimpose this on the home to learn what goes where.

we are going to lay this down based on the western method of feng shui also known as b t b or black hat which is based on the position of your front door in relation to how you enter your home. your front door is almost always going to be along the bottom of the feng shui bagua map in one of the three areas: knowledge

career or helpful people and travel. start with floor plan of your home. if you have the actual blueprint that's great if you do not you can just draw it yourself, and while your drawing does not have to be perfect it is important that it be proportionate and don't forget any little twists and turns, closets, or stairs. then you divide your home into nine

equal squares or rectangles just like a tic-tac-toe board. the bagua areas get superimposed onto your floor plan and you can be off and running adding remedies and good energy. however many people do not have a perfectly square home. if your home is long and rectangular in either direction you would just stretch out the bagua map

areas into nine equal rectangles like this. of course many houses aren't always a complete square or rectangle shape either. so if that happens we have to apply what we call the 50 percent rule to find out how to lay the bagua square or rectangle down and if we have any areas missing from our home. notice in this example the areas sticking out at the top and bottom. first we divide the home in half down the middle vertically.

however if the areas sticking out of thefloor plan are off to the side you would divide it in half horizontally. up at the top - if the area that is sticking out is less than 50 percent of the entire width of the home we consider that area to be an extension. down at the bottom if the area that is sticking out from the floor plan is greater than 50 percent of the

width of the house then the opposite area is considered a missing area. once we have determined what is possibly missing or extended then we know how the full bagua fits over our home. in this sample we see down at the bottom that most of the knowledge area and a little bit of career is missing from the home. when an area is missing that doesn't necessarily

mean you won't get that energy in your life however it usually means it may just be a little more challenging to get there. or sometimes it may mean this is an area that you need to work on spiritually in your life. don’t worry there are many ways to offsetthe energy and balance out missing areas now up at the top we see that we havean extension in the wealth corner. an extension usually means you have alittle extra support in that area but it's important to make sure that you include that

area in the decor of your home for the most benefits. some important notes: number 1 - twists and turns. sometimes when you walk directly intoyour home and you hit a wall and immediately have to turn and the wholehouse is going in that other direction you would orient the bagua that way. number 2 - garages and patios. if you can enter your house directlyfrom your garage then you do include the garage in your bagua map.

balconies and patios are not part of the bagua map unless they are enclosed and used year-round. number 3 - second levels. you can apply the bagua to each level of your home. if you go upstairs you would place the bagua down based on how you enter that level as if the stairs are the front door to that level. many times on second levels the bagua may be laid down differently than the downstairs if there any twists and turns from the stairs.

now that you have the bagau map successfullylaid down over the floor plan of your home it's time to have some fun and assess and evaluate. there is no right or wrong or good and bad to how the bagua map falls onto your floor plan. you now know the energy of what eacharea in your home represents and can get insights to see what's going on your homethat is correlating to what is going on your life and begin to make changes to either clean it up or to enhance and anchor the energy even more depending on your goals. if you would like more information about thebagua map, things like what goes where and why

along with more floor plan samples check out my e book just click the buy now button belowfor more information or go to if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me at www.harmonyinmotion com or you can find me on facebook or twitter. thank you for watching and have a wonderful day!

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