bedroom colors ideas paint

bedroom colors ideas paint

[music playing] looking to make a roommore playful and bold? try polka-dots. they give rooms a sense oforganization while making them lively. it's easy to createyour own unique design. all it takes is a littleimagination. in this video, we'll show youhow to paint polka-dots on a wall step 1: preparation.

think about the design you'dlike to create on your walls. how many colors do you want to use? how many dots? will the dots be large or small? once you've determined your design, gather the right toolsfor your project at your neighborhoodsherwin williams store. choose your paint colors. one color is the basecoat andthe others are coordinating colors

which create the polka dot pattern. make sure you havethe following supplies: a compass or round objectsto create the dots, pen knife, one or two inchlow-tack safe-release tape, a nine inch roller frame and cover, small brush, roller pan with liner, tape measure and a pencil. you'll also needa pre-made circle stencil

or blank stencil sheetsto make your dots. a variety of stencils are availableat local craft stores or online. step 2: paint the basecoat. you can use your existingwall color as the basecoat or apply a new color. if you apply a new color,let it dry for at least four hours, or overnight for best results. step 3: make stencils for the dots. use a compass to tracecircles on the stencil sheets.

if you don't have a compass,simply use a round object like a dinner plate. carefully cut the circles outusing a sharp pen knife if you want a variety of dot sizes, create a pattern for eachcircle size and cut them out. step 4: design yourdot pattern on the wall. determine whereyou want the dots on the wall and mark the center of eachdot with a light pencil mark or piece of tape.

then attacheach dot stencil to the wall using los tack safe-release tape. the last step is to paint the dots. using a small paintbrush, work from the outer edgeof the circle towards the center to avoid paint seepingunder the stencil. then carefully remove the stencil. do this for all the dots. you may need to apply a second coat

depending on the lookyou want to achieve. creating original art on your wallsis easy with sherwin-williams. whether you go large or small, polka dots adda vibrant feel to any room. for more information aboutother decorative techniques or sherwin-williams,visit

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