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home decor ideas hall

hi i'm karla with karla dreyer designdecor expert and this is decor with love tv. do you have a small space entry way? i know that i do so i'm gonna share some simple tips with you of how to workthat small space entry way. so tip number one is storage. and i know this seemsreally obvious but i'm gonna give you a way i use it with storage is baskets. so either get a basket outside your door which is actually what i do in the summer so that we can just take off our shoes and throw them in the basket there or get a basket for your front entry. and places like home sense and ikea and those type of places sell so many different baskets and sizes. measure it out and get something that again you can put mitts in and hats and gloves and that type of thing. so storage is key. so tip number two is that you need somewhere to sit in your entry.

and before you say there's no way i donot have space. trust me, if i have space to put somewhere to sit you have space too. you just have to be creative with it. what i actually did was i had an old vintage chair that i found for like ten bucks. spray painted it and have put that on the front door. and it's great because it gives us a place to sitdown, to put our shoes on, but its also a place when you come in that before maybe you put away your coat and your bag and things you can rest it on there. so you gotta get creative again measure it out.it could be a stool it could be a little could be a little pouf, it could be a chair. if you measure it and get creative i promise you, you can find something you can sit on. so tip number three, let's vision this for a second. so you've got your basket, you've got your chair and maybe your basket fits under chair or stool. ideally that would be fantastic.

and above that then you need a mirror. everybody likes to kind of give themselves a once over before they leave or maybe once they come in, who knows. but a mirror is really key so again just measure out the space you have. you can find there are just a ton of mirrors out there and if you needed to you could even go and get something custom cut as well so remember a mirror. so tip number four is you need hooks. and it's really on trend right now to have your hooks exposed. so don't be afraid of hanging your coat there or purse or scarf there and it looking messy. as long as you got it not too many andit kind of neatly arranged it's really on trend right now. and you can get some reallyneat hooks. there's some really large round ones i've seen that i like, or different shapes, orcolors or textures or things so you can have some fun with that. so i hope this helps you in creating a functional entry way in your

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