home decor ideas handmade

home decor ideas handmade

(uplifting music) - [tresha] hey, guys,welcome back to the channel. it's tresha, and iwanted to share a couple of diy ideas with you, andthey are pretty simple to do. let's get started, and be sure to like and share with others. the first project is adollar tree rustic lantern. you will need to purchasetwo of these wall sconces that i found from the dollar tree.

first, i turned over the sconces. next, i removed the screw at the top, and you will need amini flathead for this, which you can also findat the dollar tree. afterwards, i placed e6000around the edge of the lantern. e6000 is a glue that i like, but you can use any glue that you prefer. next, i placed the other sconce on top. and make sure the sconces are aligned.

while the glued dried, i useda couple of pieces of tape, just to keep it together, and removed the tape once it was dry. the second project is a dollartree floating candle holder. for this project, youwill need one silver tray and a square glass container which you can find at the dollar tree. first, i flipped over the silver tray and then added e6000 to the top of it.

next, i placed thesquare container on top. i let it dry for 24 hours,and then i flipped it over. and now i have a beautifulfloating candle holder. the next project is a hobbylobby chanel flower vase. for this project, you willneed a square glass vase, and i found this at hobby lobby. also, you will need some pretty flowers. i found these at hobby lobby. i want it to look likethe vase had real water,

so i got this acrylic water kit. the first thing i didwas do a google search to find the no. 5 chanel label. once i found it, i justdownloaded it to my pc and printed it out on card stock paper. next, i just cut out thechanel label using my scissors. next, you want to flip over your label and add some type of adhesive to the back. in my case, i used glue dots,

but you can also use double-sided tape. next, i attached the labelto the glass container. in the acrylic water kit, you get a bottle of curing agent and a bottle of epoxy resin. you also get a clear trayand a popsicle stick. i poured both bottles into the tray, then used the popsicle stick to stir it up until it became very clear.

afterwards, i just poured theacrylic mix into the vase, and i made sure to not getthe acrylic on the side. i wanted to make sure myflowers stayed in place while the acrylic cured, so i placed pieces of tapeon the top of the vase and then placed my flowers in. thanks, guys, for watching. if you liked this videoand would like to see more, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe.

it's free. also, let's connect on instagram. i'm @designsbytresha. i would love to shareyour work, so tag me. and i'm on facebook now @imtreshaja, where i give commentary on my videos and share other ideas with you.

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