home decor ideas hindi

home decor ideas hindi

namaste!! welcome to food hashtag life. in today's video i am going to share 7 kitchen related tips and tricks. which will be definitely useful for you. before starting i have one request, if you like my videos, please do subscribe to my channel and hit that bell icon so that whenever i will upload new video you will get notified. so let's get started. with daily use gas burners tends to turn black to make it looks like new, in a bowl take 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of water.

make sure burners have to submerged into the water-vinegar mix. and let it rest for overnight. after soaking it for entire night, in the morning take this type of metal brush i have purchased this brush on amazon, i will give the link in description box. so we need to clean burners with the help of the brush which will make our work very easy. you can see without much effort those stubborn black spots are removing very easily. this brush has a drawback that its bristle bend very quickly and de-shaped soon. so you can see it is looking just like new only with water and vinegar you can clean then easily.

let me tell you again when you will use it, it will turn black again. weekly once i clean this way to make sure there is no dirt to prevent gas flow which can cause wastage of gas. when we make roti/chapati we know very well how kitchen counter turned into disaster. i have seen my mother who always spread newspaper then start rolling. by this process your cleaning will be little easy for sure. and your cleaning wipes will not get collect that much dirty. if you think it can be hazardous to put newspaper near gas then you can set it little far from gas stove, although i have never faced any problem with it neither my mother. so after we are done with rolling chapati just shake all excess flour on the paper then you can put that

extra flour back in the container. this way you can save extra flour and you can fold the newspaper and keep it inside cupboard for reuse. so you can see kitchen counter is comparatively clean, we need to clean only gas stove. if you wish you can try this tip. many times when we cut capsicum it tends to waste. also it seems a little problematic when we try to remove seeds or core. because we cut capsicum straight in the middle. if you cut capsicum like this way, just like we cut it for stuffed capsicum, it will be very easy to remove seeds and no wastage will be there.

for this upper section, if you push softly it will come out easily. so you can see there is no wastage and the process will make your work easy. if you are struggling with your memory and not able to keep track on your food expiry dates so you can definitely try this tip, cut the section where packed date and expiry dates use to be written. cut that section and keep it in the same container for future tracking. if you think its a laborious process then let me tell you it is not and you can be stress free about the expiry date of your food items. if you are making pure vegetarian dish without onion and garlic then grate ginger, mix very little water to extract the juice. then add asafoetida in that.

then use this mixture while tempering. it will double up the taste of your dish. make sure to lower the gas flame before adding the mixture otherwise it splutters a lot and you will not get the desired taste. also you can add this mixture little more than usual to enhance the taste of the dish. normally in our household we have this type of side peeler. but i want to recommend for this peeler it will make your work very easy, specially when you have large vegetables like bottle gourd, snake gourd, carrot etc. with the help of this peeler you can easily peel your vegetables without much effort. i have purchased tis peeler from amazon and i will give the link in description box below. if you wish you can check the link in description box below. it has special spot digging feature which can remove blemishes easily.

so you have seen how efficiently this peeler works and waste of scrap also very minimum. so this peeler is a must have for me, you can keep one for your kitchen too. if you do not have coffee machine or milk frother then it won't be an issue. just make your milk hot, put coffee powder, sugar then use this whisk. take this type of whisk, just make sure it should have a wide head, do not use a narrow head. then put it in coffee mug and churn it for 10 seconds. then you can see it has turned into a frothy coffee it is a very easy process to make your coffee extra delicious at home. thank you so much to my sister for giving me this tip, no one can understand that within no time how you

made a delicious frothy coffee at home. so make sure to try this tip and to make it extra delicious sprinkle some cocoa powder on top then you will feel to have a coffee just like barista or ccd. so make sure to try this tip. i really hope that you liked all those tips, make sure to give it a big thumbs up and share it with your loved ones. do not forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos.

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