home decor ideas homemade

home decor ideas homemade

so, you want to fix up that gross apartment or dorm you’re subletting this summer, but don’t want to lose your deposit? here are some easy ways to brighten up your space without permanent damage.this is 28 decorating tricks to brighten up your rented home or apartment by gabby noonee 1. cover a wall in these super easy tape diamonds. shine bright like a (washi tape) diamond. 2. use scrapbooking paper to make a bird-shapeddecal.

follow tutorial link we provided, but hangwith painter’s tape instead of mod podge. 3. affix fake flowers to the wall.for $20 and an hour of our time, we managed to get spring to come a bit earlierin wisconsin. not bad, not bad at all. 4. or, go one step further, and hang homemadepaper flowers. all you need to prepare is a printable patternyou can download free, letter weight paper, scissors, hot glue gun,and floral wire. to minimize errors and dissapoinment, visitlink provided inside info. 5. turn your photos into faux polaroids andhang them on a small clothesline.

you’re only a few steps away from your veryown selfie shrine. you don’t have to hang the photos againsta blank wall, for sure. if you want to display photos of your cross-countryroad trip, for example, you could get a cool-looking map and use that as the background. 6. transform your instas into art. use this method to make your latte pics last forever (or, at least, until you move out). the most important things to remember when making a grid collage is that the outer edgesneed to be very straight and the spacing on

the inside should be consistent.using the tape to space each photo made it super easy to be consistent! 7. tape paper streamers along the length ofa wall. a photobooth backdrop you can make with afew colors of crepe paper ,masking tape and scissors.the backdrop took 30 minutes to put together (and about 30 seconds to break down),so it’s perfect if you’re in a time crunch for a party. 8. create fake picture frames out of washitape. 9. make a stand alone sign.after all, home is where the upcycled styrofoam

sign is. 10. layer different colored doilies on a wall.use painters tape and start taping doilies from the bottom of the wall, to achieve awallpaper-like effect. estimated budget $12difficulty: easy estimated time :30 minutestools and supplies: 8″ paper doilies in an assortment of colorsand glue dots 11. place overized word art against a wall.follow these instructions. 1. supplies needed: thick floral wire, wirecutters, hot glue, small silk blooms and fabric

cut into long 1/2 inch strips. (note: youdon't need floral tape) 2. use multiple layers of wire to shape largeletters. our letters are about 13 inches tall. mimic your favorite font (ours is modeledafter "strangelove") or create your own cursive word. 3. using hot glue on the ends, wrap the wire letters completely with fabric strips.this will make them much easier to glue to and cover any sharp wire edges.4. carefully use hot glue to adhere silk blooms around the entire front surface of the letters.when you are done, go back and add more flowers to certain spots to give it a fuller appearance. 12. hang an office supply organizer than doublesas art.

sew by following a tutorial provided on othersite and hang with temporary hooks. when moving out, just roll the organizer upwith the supplies inside, for easy transportation. 13. create an oversized confetti mural.simply take colored pieces of paper, cut them into circles, and stick them to the wall usingpainters tape or poster tack. 14. make scalloped borders for your shelves.all you need are post-its and tape to feel like you live in hello kitty’s house. 15. use velcro strips to hang framed photos. 16. use paper to create geometric patchworkart. you can even make it closer to your bed, soit doubles as a temporary headboard.

step 1: choosing your colors. step 2: cut the paper. cut all the paper into 12.5 cm (5 inch) squaresfirst and then cut them in half into triangles. step 3: get your workspace ready. step 4: design and layout. step 5: fine-tune your design. step 6: now, take a photo! just in case your dog orchild comes running in or someone opens a door and a gust of wind blows all your hardwork away.

step 7: prepare the backing board.cut the foam core in half so you have two pieces that measure 32 x 20 inchesstep 8: assembly. step 9: finishing up.when you've completed both boards, trim off the edges and any pieces that aren't liningup. step 10: hang your art. 17. or make it heart-shaped.it was simple and inexpensive. you will need 10 sheets of scrapbook paper(to make 20 triangles). i used 4 light pink, 3 dark pink and 3 metallicgold ones. simply cut your scrapbook paper in half diagonally,then play around with a design and pattern

that you like.next, stick them to your wall with glue dots. i started by marking one straight line witha level and chalk because it gave me a guide to start with and kept everything straight.check info to find the video tutorial. 18. collage paper circles into a happy pieceof art. paper circles: not just giant confetti . step 1:punch lots of circles from your colorful cardstock. step 2: mark your piece of wood along the edge at half the size of your circles.my circles were two inches, then connect the dots and make lines across the wood to guideyou.

step 3: using your lines to guide each row,get to gluing! step 4: let each rows of circles hang on topof the row below – that creates your scallops. yay! now our shelf has something on it besidesdust. 19. hang a colorful garland around your door. 20. transform an old shutter door into anorganizer. no need to nail anything into the wall andyou can customize it to use in all sorts of rooms. organizing on a door is great for a small space since a door can lean against any wall 21. turn 600+ paint chips into a beautifulwall installation.

the next best thing to actually painting yourwalls. create the size of the space on the floorusing masking tape lay out the colour combination you're looking for. (consider using blue painters tape). and then adhere to the wall with your favouriteglue (depending on how permanent you want it). 22. make your own giant photo mural. 17 detail instruction on withandwhistle. for this diy, you need a high resolution digitalphotograph, a reasonably fast computer,

a newish version of photoshop and basic photoshop skills.if those requirements discourage you already, try.. 23. craft your own marquee letter.you may live in a terrible apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live likea star! step 1: cut your letter. step 2: sand your letter. step 3: paint your letter. step 4: measure and mark for lights.

step 5: cut holes for the bulbs. step 6: insert the bulbs. finish.. 24. sew some big, colorful floor cushions. 1. print the template provided in the tutorial link. 2. cut & arrange the fabric. 3. assemble the wedges. 4. sew the wedges. 5. iron.

6. sew the remaining wedges. 7. sew the other half. 8. join the two halves. 9. iron the seam allowance. 10. stuff the pouf 11. make the tuft.. and 12. add the buttons. done 25. create temporary wallpaper using fabricand starch.

you can do this on nearly any flat surface.the fabric should easily peel off when it’s time for you move out.this fabric is fairly thin cotton from ikea. it's called britten hus and designed by someonenamed emma jones. first, you need mix up paste:boil 4 cups of water in a pot. mix about 3/8 cup cornstarch with a little water in a smallbowl until the powder is dissolved. add the cornstarch mixture to the water slowlywhile stirring and then boil until thickened and then let it cool.2. measure the area you want to wallpaper and cut your fabric to size3. brush the entire door with paste, then begin applying fabric from the top down, adjustingand smoothing as you go.

4. use a scissors or x-acto knife to cut aroundany obstacles. 5. back around the sides of the door and brushedon a little extra paste to smooth down any loose threads and keep the raw ends from fraying. and..done. the end result is smooth and perfectly wrinklefree removable wallpaper. 26. or just give off a wallpaper effect, withthis geometric triangle blocks wall hanging. if you have to, you can even repurpose anold sheet. 27. use large sheets of scrapbook paper asa temporary headboard. and last,28. cluster a bunch of paper flowers together.

one package of tissue paper should yield onegigantic flower. before you leave we have16 creative ways to use viny electrial tape to decor your house. 1. spruce up appliances. 2. black stripes. 3. modern wall art. 4. canvas art. 5. funky floor treatment. 6. modern floor treatment.

7. washi tape for walls. 8. 3 inch electrical tape. 9. shelf illusion. 10. warning sign. 11. creatures. 12. fancy door. 13. fancy hula hoops. 14. imaginary roads. 15. pretty blue pattern.

you can even use electrical tape as an accessory.and.. 16. paperclips and tape. check info if one of these ideas draw yourattention and forces you to pause the video. drop your like, share or comment if you stilllistening to me and don't forget to press the subscribe buttonif you start to have crush on this channel. thanks for watching.

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