home decor ideas in hindi

home decor ideas in hindi

hello friends, welcome to simplify your space on popular demand, this video is in hindi today, i am going to show you how to organize a home temple in this video, i will be showing you two types of temple few days back, we visited our hometown there is a separate pooja room in that house and i tried to organize and decorate it. second is this, my home temple which is very small but before we start, if you are new to our channel then don't forget to subscribe

and please press this bell icon, so that you don't miss any new video notification let's get started! firstly, i am going to show the temple of our permanent house we have a separate pooja room in this house, which is quiet spacious as it already has marble and decorative tiles work done, i didn't feel the need to decorate it too much we have decorated it with hanging artificial flower strings and to give a beautiful effect in the night, we have placed the led lights here there is a slab here to place god idles i feel there is no right or wrong way to choose your type of god idles

everyone should decorate the temple as per their choice in this temple, there are few silver idles kept in center and framed pictures of gods on both the sides we have placed pearl strings on all the idles and pictures on both the sides of the slab, we have placed big lamps which look amazing when lighten up we have placed copper plates in front of the idles they are placed to keep diyas, prasad, kumukum etc on this side we keep this fresh flower basket in this house we have lot of plants, so all the flowers usually come from there and down here in the corner we have kept this basket to carry pooja items to thetemple

on the other corner, we have kept ramayana on this stand and at the back, beads strings are kept in the basket for jaaps there is a good storage provided in this pooja room which is used, to store pooja items aasans are kept here in this corner and behind this, gangajal and a bottle of oil is kept to segregate small small items we have used these baskets for example in this basket we have stored, sesame seeds, rice, prasad, haldi, chandan, kumkum etc along with that, two dusting clothes are also kept

in the second basket dhoop, agarbatti, match boxes are kept i have stored cotton in this container also this steel container filled with ghee is kept here along with a spoon and here extra pooja untensils and diyas are kept and shell is placed in this small basket this side i have organised all the religious books on a file system it helps to find any book easily and shiv puran is kept in this corner here my inlaws perfom poojas twice in a day

besides, they do some weekly poojas also organised pooja room really helps mummy and daddy they don't have find items while performing pooja and re-organizing is very easy this is my home temple generally it is said that we should make our temple on the east side i don't have much knowledge about that but i have also kept the temple on the east side as i live on rent, i have bought this reasonable wooden temple and placed a small ganesha inside i have decorated it with led lights which look beautiful in the night

i have covered the inside part with a silver self-adhesive sheet and pearl string is hung like this in this temple, there is a inbuilt sliding tray to place diya and it also has a small drawer to store pooja items but i don't use this drawer this temple can be easily mounted on wall but i have placed it on the top of this tv unit you may use any small side table or a stool have kept pooja thali here

i place diya and agarbatti on this i have not covered this table with any cloth or paper as i will always have fear of catching fire there is a plenty storage space in this tv unit and all my pooja items are easily stored here there is an open shelf here where i have kept aasana and there is also a tray kept on the side to store few pooja items for example, ghee, spoon, prasad, cotton, few utensils and diyas by keeping items in the tray, space stays organised

and it is easy to slide out the tray and pickup items and shelf doesn't get dirty also you may keep a small dustbin to throw ashes and used matchsticks there is also a drawer in this unit, which i have secured with the child safety lock so that my son don't open it i have placed small baskets here to segregate items like here i have kept all the books and in this basket i have kept camphor, kumkum, chandan, dhoop and a matchbox at the back few dusting clothes and extra matchboxes are kept

and agarbatti packets are kept here in this corner for me pooja is like doing a meditation and it should be performed in a silence without any disturbance you don't have to get up again and again to find items if your temple cabinet is organised and you feel immense pleasure while doing pooja i hope you liked this video and if you liked it, then please don't forget to like and share this video do subscribe to our channel to watch more organizing videos will see you next week

till then, happy organizing from simplify your space

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