classroom decoration ideas 3rd grade

classroom decoration ideas 3rd grade

welcome to studio stylenrich how to make kids project school file? things you need... scale, cutter, thermocol, scissors, file,sketch, color palette, color & brush, color paper, pencil take a color paper and draw measurements similar to that of the file. cut out the color paper and paste it on the file as shown. draw a drawing as shown on the color paper. now paint the drawn design using different colors as shown. this is how the tree looks after painting.

now paint the other designs present on the color paper. take a yellow sheet and draw the markings as shown. cut out the strip of paper using a cutter. now paste this paper at the connecting edge of the file. similarly, take a pink strip and paste it near the yellow strip as shown. also, paste another pink strip on the backside of the cardboard. now take yellow sheets and paste it inside the file. cut out the extra paper from it. paste pink and green strips alternatively inside the file as shown. now take another sheet and draw a pattern as shown.

cut out the pattern on the sheet which resembles clouds. paste this cloud pattern inside the file as shown. now paste another pink strip inside the file on the connecting surface. paste alternate green and pink strips as earlier. now take a blue and red color sheet and cut out a square shape from it. cut a yellow color square of lesser size than the blue one. now cut the yellow square in a semicircular pattern. similarly, cut out a smaller red semicircular object. paste the red and yellow color semicircle on the blue square as shown.

paste this kite like arrangement near to the blue clouds inside the file as shown. now paste a thread at the lower end of the kite pattern as shown. now on the other inner portion, paste a blue circle and draw eyes and mouth as shown. paste the eyes and the mouth on the blue circle as shown. use a sketch pen to highlight the eyes as shown. now take a pencil and sharpen it using sharpener. we require the residue post sharpening color pencils. paste them on the trees at the front file as shown. take thermocol balls and paste it on the tree to give it flower shape as shown.

write your favorite line inside the file. paint the remaining portion on the file as shown. wow!! what a beautiful and unique school file decoration for the kids. try this craft and share your experiences and feedback with us. thanks for watching and happy crafting!!

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