aqua bedroom color schemes

aqua bedroom color schemes

hello, i'm sandy silva and i'm president of murals and faux painting in miami. one of the most popular forms of decorative painting that continues to grow is faux, f a u x finishing. now when i started 10 years ago this business many refer to it as spongy or ragging, but really that's just two forms of faux finishing. now there are a variety of methods and systems out there to achieve various finishes but i wouldlike to share with this brief video what i believe, as a professional,is the fastest easiest way to achieve beautiful, elegantfinishes

without complicated and messy steps. now there are a lot of texture finishes out there but some of them require expensive materials and glazes. but i have found that the most popularand requested faux finishes are still the simple ones. as sponging is one of the most easiestand basic types of faux finishing out there. but evenwith most methods, you still are required to blot your sponge on paper then proceed to faux a two foot sectionand then you repeat the process, which you can see that in high areas thiscan be quite

exhausting. but with the triple s fauxsystem's multi color faux palette, you get just the amount of glaze you need to sponge up to 50 square feet without reloading. to begin we loaded our palette with our prepared glazes. the great thing about this tool is we canfaux multiple colors at the same time. we've loaded our palette with two sections of dark green, one of burnt umber and three of goldenbrown. now we take a sponge and press it onto the palette, getting some color of each section and then pressing it onto the wall. as wego along we vary the position of the sponge. asyou can see, we're getting the imprint of

the sponge with all three colors. weoverlap the imprint sometimes to vary the look of texture on the board.we can always come back to any section we feel has too much of the base coatshowing through. our board was painted with a light tancolor for our base coat. with this finish, there's no need tofeather out any sections that butts up to another because laplines or seams do not show. because you're only using a small amount of glaze each time, you can press the sponge and easily faux an entire wall without stopping. here's our board up close. now if we want a more subtle effect,

we would stay within one family of colorfor our base coat and glaze. has sponging multiple colors on a wall ever been so fast? for moreinformation or to buy your triple s faux system 5 piece kit with dvd workshop, visit muralsandfauxpainting com

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