aqua color bedroom ideas

aqua color bedroom ideas

in this video you will learn one of many differentapplication techniques for the aqua-stain uv. by using water and a spray bottle to applythe stain, we are able to create some beautiful mottled finishes.â it is always a good ideato sand the edges and surface first. this will remove any minor imperfections and helpopen the concrete to better accept the stain. here we are using a gem-pad to knock the bursoff the edge. not shown in this video, the top was sanded with 120 and 220 grit paperon an orbital palm sander.â the concrete should be cleaned well with water and a rag to removeany dust or debris before staining or sealing. also, it is very important to make samplepieces and test color before going full scale. for this particular staining technique, wefirst mist the concrete with water. this will

slow the absorption of the stain which givesmore working time. it also allows the stains to bleed out so you get natural variationsand color blending.â then we begin to mist on the stain from a spray bottle. we are goingto start with fawn which is a medium brown. it is normally a good idea to start with lightercolors and go darker. you can always go back over with the lighter color once the stainsdry.â in this video you will notice that we are staining our white concrete mix that hasbeen cast with a hard steel trowel finish. this technique will work on gray concreteor just about any other color.â it is important to realize that the base color of the concreteas well as the porosity and several other factors may effect the color and intensityof the stain. that is why it is important

to test colors first. forthe sake of saving some time we are going to speed the video up. you will notice howthe stains are just being sprayed at random. when doing this staining technique, it isimportant to go with the flow. there is no right or wrong way to apply the stain. tryingto be too precise will often show in the final product.â we are now switching to hazelnutwhich is also a lighter tan color. â as the stains are applied you will start to get afeel for what the outcome may be. however, the appearance will continue to change asthe stains spread out and absorb into the concrete so keep this in mind.â  you will notice how one color is being applied over other colors whilethey are still wet. this will let them blend

together and form new colors. if you wereto let one color completely dry before applying another, you will get a different look. it is also worth noting that this was done outside as a demo for a training class. when doing this inside on top of cabinets, it will be important to hang plastic to protect your cabinets and floors. now we are switching to espresso which is a very dark brown. this will be used to deepen the color and add highlights noticehow the stain is being applied in a linear diagonal pattern. this is going help simulatestriations you see in natural stone. once you have a good base, let the stains dry.when they are dry to the touch you can asses

the look. if you are happy with the outcomenothing more needs to be done. in this case, we are going for a fairly deep brown withsome natural looking veins and we are not quite there yet. â more fawn and espressoare being added to deepen the color. if the concrete is allowed to fully dry, you maywant to re-wet the surface with water. now back to the hazelnut. you are starting tosee how you can continue to play with the color until you are satisfied. with that said,it can be easy to overdo it where the color gets too dark. it often is a good idea towalk away, let it dry, and then asses. now that the stain is mostly dry, we can see where we are at. this is starting to look like wherewe want to be so now it is time to add in

some veins. instead of misting the stain,we will turn the nozzle to make a fine stream and shoot it across the top at random. tryto remain organic with your movements.â misting the veins with water will cause them to bleedout a bit and look more natural. perfect! this is what we are looking for.â because it was cast off site to save time for a training class, we need a few strongguys to set it in place. the lower top was stained with the same methodand then both were sealed.â here is a conference table that was stained with the exact samemethod using only black aqua-stain and water.

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