beach bedroom colors

beach bedroom colors

hi there! you’re watching amitha verma. have you everstepped into the paint aisle of your local hardware store and felt as if the selectionswere just multiplying around you!? in chatting with many of you i’ve heard you and oneof your biggest struggles is how to select a paint color. i’m not going to lie, asa professional designer, and even a creator of a paint line selecting a paint color canbe very tricky. so today i wanted to share my inside process on how i select the perfectpaint color every time! tip 2: first, i put the swatch palette down and avoidthe paint aisle like crazy! what? you might

be wondering. okay here’s my big secret,i select the paint color last! often when we’re thinking about making a change weinstantly hop in the car, and go check out paint colors. this is a big no, no. here’s my big insider secret on how allof the pro’s do it. you really need to begin with the end in mind and i know, i’m sureyou’re thinking how do you that? first you need to look around your room oryour home and take stock on all of the finishes you’re already working with. so when i dothis, i look at the floor rugs, the fabrics on my chairs, my sofa, my pillows, the artwork,the colors and tones on the furniture, the countertops and even my flooring. i reallyexamine the colors and tones of these objects

and start to get a sense of what all thesehave in common. you will start to see similarities and common tones such as grays, yellows, beiges,or pink tones. i let these hues guide me. i have a littlesaying to help you remember – let your hues be your cues. when you start looking at your dã©cor andget a sense of these tones, this will help you narrow the focus down tremendously. for instance if you have a houseful of warmrich browns, and beiges with slight pink undertones, i would not go for a cool gray even if that’sthe color trend right now. i might go for complimentary beige with similar pink undertones,a warm gray with beige tones or a richer,

deeper color to compliment the beiges tonesi already have. that leads me to next tip. next, i decide whether i want to go for abold or subtle palette. there are many projects where i want the space to feel subtle withgray; beige, white or cream tones in the background. however, i have just as many projects wherei want a distinct color on the walls such as deep blue, red, greens and even black! once i’ve decided on the saturation or depthof color, i then decide on how i want to use color to enhance my room. once you narrow down the options you willstart to see 2-3 directions that can be really stunning. one is usually very monochromatic,meaning the color will basically blend with

the colors you are already working with. so in the case of beige, you could selectlighter beige or a darker richer deeper beige or brown but it will still be in same colorpalette. all of the colors and tones in your space would be similar so you’re basicallylooking at a variety of the same colors, which can be beautiful. however, if you’re working with beige tones,you can also opt for a more contrasting color such as a deep red, burgundy or even blacklike we did here. how do you know which contrasting color to pull from – again you take cuesfrom your hues. when you start examining your dã©cor you’ll see that you probably havecertain secondary colors that are repeated

over and over again. i would use those tonesto help guide me if i was selecting a contrasting color. once you’ve thought carefully through thisexercise you will see the endless unlimited options can quickly be narrowed down to justa handful of options. from there you can decide of you want a monochromatic palette or a contrastingpalette. and from this point you can really narrow your choices down to just a few choiceselections. when i come to this point i simply buy a few tester pots in these colors andtry them throughout my project to see how the color looks in the space and how the lightingaffects the choices. and there you have it, this is my exact processto selecting a paint color. it always starts

out the same way and this little system iswhat truly helps overcome that overwhelming feeling you get when selecting a paint color! do you have a great tip on how to select apaint color? if so be sure to leave a comment so our subscribers can get your tips! did you like this video? if so please subscribeto our channel. when you’re done head over to blog where you can sign up for more freeweekly design tips. and i’d love the honor of you sharing thisvideo with a friend and loved one. till next time, keep working on your projectsand making them special in the way only can!

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