beach colors for bedrooms

beach colors for bedrooms

all right, before we get starteddecorating this elegant coastal tree i want - i know sometimes you look at atree and it's like it's gorgeous i love it, but what in the world did they startadding first? so that's what i want to show you is the layers of how todecorate a tree. now i've added a few things to the tree already. i put thiswood bead garland, and i spaced it evenly on the tree. i kind of created a swagthat just gives it a little bit of classic character. the other thing i didwas i added my bows already. now if you'd like to learn how to make bows and addthem to the tree, just click here and that video will show you exactly whatyou need to do to get started. now the

first thing i'm gonna add to the tree -i'm gonna add some pine picks. now my little tree this is a long needle pinetree. so it's a little sparse - it's much charlie brown tree but i love it.but what i want to do is i want to bring a little bit of color in . if you'llnotice this pine is frosted and it has a little bit of a sea foam color to it. soi'm gonna start adding it to the tree. and when you put it in let, it let ithang off the tree a little bit. i love to see a tree when it's decorated whetherit's twigs or pics just kind of sparingly come out the tree. that reallycreates an elegant tree. give me a minute i'm gonna add these to the treeand i'll talk about what we're gonna do

next. alright now that i've added all thatpine, the next thing i'm going to add is these beautiful poinsettias. i want youto take a look at them. the color is outstandingly perfect for this tree. wheni'm putting bigger items on the tree the way that i try to make it dispersedevenly is by placing them in what i call a diamond pattern. so that's what i'mgonna start doing with these so give me a minute i'm gonna add them to the tree. okay i've got that all finished the nextthing i'm gonna add is these adorable picks. i love them because they're onwire so once you stick them in the tree

you can kind of spread them and movethem around. and they look to me like they mimic sand with a little bit ofglitter. now i'm ready to add some ornaments. sometimes i cluster my ornaments together in this tree i'm going to keepthem single. but when i go to put them on the tree i'm gonna put my biggestornaments on first and then move on down to my small ornaments. check out theseornaments they are absolutely perfect! for the tree they didn't come with alittle hook but i went ahead and put a hook in them and now i'm just gonna addthem to the tree. alright so the next ornaments i'm gonna add - look at thesesarah came up with this idea glass

ornaments that she filled with littleseashells and some little broken ones that have a little iridescent look, but thisis gonna totally bring out our elegant coastal look on this tree. let me throwthese on the tree real quick and we got just a few more things to add. okay sothis is the last ornament i'm going to add. again sarah came up with anothergreat idea message in a bottle. the paper that they actually wrapped the bottlesin so they wouldn't break is what you cut and rolled and then just wrapped alittle bit of string around them, and drop them in. okay so the last thing thati'm going to add to the tree look - this so this is a pick that is going tomimic coral. it's kind of frosted with

snow, and what i'm going to do is i'mgoing to snip little pieces off of here using wire cutters. you can get a lot of this out uf justone pick. so i've snipped it about that long, and look i'm gonna place it on thetree and what i want - i want to place it on the edges and it kind of cascades over the already existing branches. sometimes it's the smallestdetails that can make the most impact on our trees. and i'm going to put this justabout everywhere and it's going to look beautiful. okay so just to recap how iput the tree together - first thing you're gonna do of course you had your lights. then you gonna put your garland on

and that's when i put the wood beadgarland on - layered it all through the tree. the next thing i did was i addedribbon. after the ribbons then we started to add the pine that we put into thetree. then we did the large ornaments down to the smaller ornaments. don't forget the poinsettias i put thosein there too. but the last thing that just really madethis entire tree pop was the stems that i used. and what's so cool about those - astem can cost you like 3 bucks on sale maybe a dollar 50 and once i cut it upi've got a handful of these that i can put all over the tree. well i hope youenjoyed this video we've got a ton more

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