beach paint colors for bedroom

beach paint colors for bedroom

hi guys! mikki from mikki's frame shophere, and i'm very happy tonight to be on the country chic page to show you guys atutorial on how to do a finish i call rustic beach. so we'll give it just asecond to get people here, it's going great it's been a really wet horribleday all day but now it has cleared off and just became a really pretty day sodon't know where you guys are but when you tune in would you let us know thatyou're here and we'll get started with the video as soon as we get a couple ofyou here, hopefully you'll be here! so alright so there we do have someone thatis reading comments so if you have any questions just type the questions downin the comments and my friend tonya is

going to read those questions to mewhile i keep going and doing the tutorial, and i've got my friend davidhere as well running the camera couldn't do this bigger tutorial without tworeally good friends here. so the name of this tutorial is rusticbeach, and the week when i came up with this i had a couple of really boringfurniture pieces that i wanted to paint but it didn't really want to do just atraditional paint all over them i wanted to give them a little bit of pizzazz! sothe way these pieces started out really inexpensive pieces a very shiny finish,inexpensive hardware just not you know something that we want to put in ourhouse at the moment. we really like

something with a little more a littlemore look a little more pizzazz so i'll show you how i'm going to take it fromthis finish to the finished piece right herein front of us. so this piece is called rustic beach and we are going to go fromreally inexpensive really shiny to something that looks more like boardsand has a very distressed beachy finish. we'll get started with thedistressing part, so the top of these pieces were very slick very shiny andnot really paintable as they were almost a laminate kind of finish those superhard super slick super shiny so the first thing i want to do is i want togive this top a little more fun and a

little more definition and i'm going toshow you how to do that. you want a straight edge that is long enough to goacross the entire piece depending on how big your piece is, and you're gonna layit on your tabletop or whatever part you're doing and you can use one ofthree tools: you can use an awl or a flathead screwdriver or in this casewith these tables they were so slick and hard i needed to use a little finechisel. so on this part you can either measure out your piece and put yourboards or your where your boards are going to be completely even. i didn'treally want to do that i wanted it more rustic and so i just wing it andthat's what i'm going to show you on

this drawer. so i just put the straightedge down and take my flat thing and i want to scoreout lines in the top of the piece. after i've done a few lines or a few scoresthat way then i can come back and kind of give it a little more rough texture alittle bit wider and then i also want to gouge out a little bit because theseboards were beaten up you know they're sitting on the beach so that's what youwant to do don't forget to do the ends of your boards because you want toreally fake this out and make it look like a board so here's one i did earlierand gouged it out went down the edge of it and don't worry if you get off theline because remember this is a very

rustic finish these boards are beaten up.all right so that's the first thing that i do and then on this particular piece iwant to give it even more character alright so i'm going to take differenttools i've got an awl, i've got this big nail that i think was used for gutterssomething like that a rasp and one of my favorite things a bicycle chain. alrightso i'm gonna start out with the awl. and all i'm going to do is use this to give the corners lots of charactersso wormholes same thing with the nail so interesting thing about doing wormholesevidently worms like the ends of boards better than they like the middles sothey like endgrain better so when you're doing something with little holes youwant to put more of them at the corners

not so much in the middle of the board afew but not as much more at the corners. so then bicycle chain you can do it acouple of different ways you can wind it up that way and throw it at the piece orthrow it it david! or you can make it like a little hammer handle and whack itso watch out when you're whacking because it can kick back and hit yourhands so kind of keep it small and you get these weird little snail trails iswhat i call them so that's what i got with the bicycle chain but you canreally use just about any tool depending on how big distressing marks you can usehammers all sorts of things. all right after we've distressed it we want totake our sandpaper and in the case of

this one because they were so very shinyi used 150 sandpaper and for these i actually use the electric sander i didnot do that in my hand and i went all over it to take the extreme shine off soall we need to do is get it to here's the original super shiny finish allyou're doing is taking some of that shine off you're not trying to get itdown to wood you're just trying to get a nice roughened up finish all rightso we've done those steps we've given our piecelots of lines and character so here's our piece that we're gonna do in themiddle all right so you can see this is what i just showed you that's how thepiece will come out we've got our board

lines we've got lots of distressing allof that is what you want to put in to give your the illusion of boards thesecond step we're going to do right now and you'll see in a minute that we'vegot it in steps here the second step we want to use our texture powder fromcountry chic and we're gonna start out with cobblestone so i have already putmy texture powder out in the cup and we're going to do about half and halfhalf texture powder and half all-in-one and in this case it's in the colorcobblestone and you're gonna mix it up and here's the thing about doing thiskind of finish which i'm getting ready to show you this part here the darkergrey with the little nubbins i don't

want to mix this up and incorporate itin all the way i want to have it still where there is a grainy texture to it ifyou mix it off all the way you get a really wonderful venetian plaster kindof finish but i want it to be extra grainy grittylumpy just nice and lumpy all right oh and by the way this does not hold wellso when you're doing your project you need to do this at the time you're doingit so don't it doesn't store well so you've got to pretty much do it at thetime put it out on my plate so i have enough surface because now we're gonnatake our sponge this is just a chunk of sponge and i'm gonna get the sponge in there

and get it all grainy can you guys hearme and see everything okay is it going good?let us know in the comments and make sure that make sure that we know you'rehere and tell us where you're from all right so here we go we've got the spongeand we're just gonna rock the sponge all over but in a random non-pattern. allright so that's your next step is to get some more texture into this piece anddon't forget your edges so all the way around then if you noticed i stoppedthis one in an irregular pattern because i still want this piece to turn out goodin the end so when you're doing something with lots of texture usuallydon't want to stop in a very linear

straight edge you want to make it randomif you're going to come back and do something later all right so that's ourtexture finish this we want to leave and let it dry probably for 24 hours dependson your climate you may be able to get away with it a little bit quicker butpretty much you want to let it dry at least overnight all right so after i didthat then i come back in and do something really fun and you can do thiswith any colors you happen to have today i'm gonna use a jitterbug which is areally nice medium green, peacoat which is one of my absolutely all-timefavorite colors, and full bloom. so you may think full bloom is an odd one toadd into something i'm calling rustic

beach but again if you look at thispiece the lightness of full bloom gives you a really cool little bit of extracolor so always pick out something random in your color when you're doingthan like this so remember this has dried over here and the next day we'regoing to come back in with a really raggedy paintbrush and in certainplaces not all over, you want to mix and dab in some color. let's put a little bitof that full bloom in there ... all right so you dab in some color and again let that dry thisdoesn't have to dry as much when you dab in the color you can get away withdrying that with a hairdryer just to get your little dabs of color dry the nextday you're going to come back with your

all-in-one paint in lazy linen andyou're gonna put a whole coat on top of everything we've done here with the lazylinen and then after that is dried again somewhere around overnight or 24 hoursyou're gonna come in with a couple of different things. we're gonna usesandpaper this is 250 and we're going to use a kitchen scrubby sponge.i really prefer that yellow and green scrubby sponges the blue ones i'veactually had the blue transfer off on to light colors so i always suggest you usethe green and yellow scrubby sponges it's wet the cool thing about thescrubby sponges over just a piece of scotch brite is when you're using thisnow we're gonna go in here and take some

of this lazy linen off and get back tosome of this so we're going to distress off our paint now so you're gonna takeyour scrubby sponge and if you can see right there what i've actually done ismade a paint mud puddle so i couldn't really see how far i'd gone withoutusing the sponge side so that's what you're gonna do is come in and revealsome of this stuff that we did previously and you can see the reasonfor using the texture powder was then we get this lovely build up and depth oftexture so you can't get that without doing this lumpy texture stuff burst allright so that's your step you come in and you reveal as much or as little of onethe color of the piece it was originally,

and then the colors that we did underthat. and you guys remember you can do this sort of thing in any colorcombination this exact thing was actually how i did this monster piecebehind me same technique all right so i'm not going to distressthis whole thing ... all right so we do that we're goinggood so you just keep up - the reason i'd like to do two things let me show you onthe dry part into the when you called it with the little steps and the thegrooves you want to get more into the grooves, so sometimes you need somethingbeside the sponge also remember that you want to really highlight where yourboards are so come back through and

really get the paint off where you madethose score lines to make boards. all right i'll get one into this kind ofwhere i want it so that i can show you the next step which will be the glaze. guys i love glaze i feel like glaze makesjust really makes a piece i used lots of wax but i think glaze gives you a whole nother dimension and you can mix yourown colors with glaze which i really love. so again you would want this to drybefore we go on to our next step but of course to give you a tutorial inthe amount of time we've got we're gonna

hurry up all of these things so let thisdry again before you do the glaze step but we'll do it right i have got glaze in graphite and smoky quartz here's the cool thing ifyou're not familiar with glaze, glaze is a clear base with just a little bit ofcoloring in it so we're these look like they're black and brown when they drythey're actually in a clear base so you get ... it's not opaque it's a transparentcolor so that's what's cool about glaze. glaze also comes in clear clear is imade a blue glaze so that color i told you about peacoat that i love so much,i've used a little bit of peacoat in with -- hey another tip on glaze, alwayswipe this off because man the tops stick

hard on glaze! it's always a good idea towipe all your paint off but especially glaze because manna sticks and again ilike to use more than one color but this also works with less colors so don'tthink you have to go out and buy everything in the world you can do thiswith less colors but i just want to show you how fun it isto kind of really play with it. so two ways you can do glaze:you can put glaze on with baby wipes or you can put glaze on with wet t-shirtwhen you're doing glaze it's a really good idea to have more than one wett-shirt or wet wipe in your hand because you're gonna this is totally i put it ontake it off kind of thing so i

dip in the graphite glaze first and justrub it on and you want to make sure that you're getting your glaze down intothese cracks because all of a sudden you've really turned that crack intosomething deep with the glaze. and the reason i like to mix the colors a littlebit is you get that whole differentiation see how pretty thatshows up this is what i love about glaze it shows up all of your yummy texturesjust beautifully and i think mixing the colors gives us more of that effect ofwashed up beach kind of thing so you're gonna do your glaze all over the wholeentire piece and i'll show you on this piece here you can see where there'sblue glaze it's it's right in that crack

you can see the brown really well hereand you can see the graphite here but you want to mix it in and out and youdefinitely want to leave some of your lazy linen showing through the glaze andyou can do that when the glaze is wet by going back through and rubbing back downto your original base color but there you go that's why i put more than onecolor on it because i just love the way you get more texture and just kind ofmore yummy stuff so it's a put glaze on and take glaze off andremember to always get all of your edges and the cool thing about glaze is youcan put it on fairly thin in a first coat and then if you decide to you cancome back and add some more in in

different places to give you more fun. onthe legs i also i think it shows on this nope let me turn it round on the legs ialso did a little bit of that sponging with the texture and then i have paintedover the whole thing with the cobblestone and what will happen then iswhen i go to distress it after i put on the cobblestones some pretty texture inwith the paint because we're going for an all-over look so we've got thecobblestone on the bottom at the top and then lacing linen on top and then allthe yummy goodness on top of that but just cobblestone on the legs - two coats, with the little bit of the texture powder, and then we're gonna come back inand distress the legs as well and glaze

the legs too. alright so that's what ittakes to do all the paint steps is just those steps, playing in the paint, gettinglovely textures until you like it another thing you can do is this spothere or actually that spot i feel like i've got a little too much a little toomuch wood showing right there so what i can dois come back in and just dry brush a little bit so we can come back and giveit a little bit of a coat of dry brushing and i can cover up if i feellike i've distressed too much off so always remember that at this stage youcan keep playing in your paint you can add you can remove until you get it justwhere you like it

and then we come to top coats soanything that is a table the top of a dresser something like thati really think needs the clear coat or the tough coat i really don't think thatwax is a good enough resist for things that are have hard use like a tabletopso i'm going to use our did use two coats of the clear coat on the legs ofthe finished piece and i use three coats on the top and i want to show you myfavorite country sheet tool the round sponges the round sponges with the clearcoat are just fabulous! uh oh, i forgot to get this thing open ... noteven happening! alright so while i'm fighting with this, i have forgotten totell you guys if you want to order some

country chic paint go to country chicpaint calm and enter the coupon code and you will get10% off any country chic product that you order! so i highly recommend when youorder your paint and your clear coat get one of these round sponges. we'll have topretend because i can't get this open! but but what you want to do is you wantto pour your clear coat out into a plate you can use something reusable like apie plate which is what i normally do or you can use something thatthrow away later and pour it out in here because you don't want to get any yuckback in your your full thing of clear coat and then you rub into the clearcoat just a little bit get it on the

sponge wipe it off on the side just alittle bit and then you take this and you rub across the whole surface justone time all right come back with the corner of it and get your little edgesand as long as you check and make sure that you don't have any drips oranything else that's it with the sponge you're ready to goyou're gonna let it dry at least overnight or 24 hours put your secondand third coat on and your little piece will be done! oh i did forget one thingwait a minute, i thought about the drawers and forgot one thing. all right so this came withsome really ugly hardware not only do we not like this style much anymore butit's really cheap it looks like brassy

tinted kind of stuff so what i did onthat piece is i took this out i filled the holes with bondo and then i drilleda new hole and put the pretty little glass knob on it. so always remember thatchanging your hardware out can give you a really great new look. so if anybody'sgot any questions i can answer those otherwise i'd like to say thank you torosanne and sarah, and the team at country chic for letting me do thistutorial for you i'm not sure if i've taken a breath the whole time , feltnervous hopefully it came out across well and if you've got any questionsplease feel free to put them in the comments later and we'll go back andanswer any questions. but before i let

you go ever really got to tell yousomething exciting: today is the launch date for the new spring and summercolors, so the spring and summer colors are these lovewe bright fun colors and then we also have an insider collection of great funcolors as well so these colors are available at the shopyou know i'm showing you purple which this one is illusionist, y'all know ilove my purple so great new really bright really fun colors think aboutspring coming up and doing those fun porch signs with all these yummy brightsyou guys you could pay easter eggs with this paint did you know that? all kindsof good stuff.

you can paint plastic! my flowerpots outfront are that plastic they're old they're kind of they were old and grimytwo summers ago i painted them with purple they hold up beautifully theall-in-one paint has a built-in primer so it holds on all kinds of surfacesfabulously about the only thing that it truly doesn't like and you really haveto sand or prime first is something that has never been wood, it's weirdit's super shiny, super hard, that one you do have to do a little bit of prep workfirst like we did on this table. lots of other stuff you can use this, outside mysign on the side of my building is painted in all-in-one paint and coveredwith tough coat.

so remember go to, you can order these new spring and summer colors, orthe colors i showed you today lazy linen and cobblestone be sure to pick up oneof those wonderful sponges love those things they are fabulous! and the thediscount code again so mikki's is m i k k i s, frame f r a m e, shop s h o p and then the numbers 1 0, 10. to get your 10% discount when you order at and iwant to thank rosanne and sarah again and my wonderful team here david and tonyaand all you guys that tuned in thank you so much! please share it if you have anythoughts that a friend of yours wants to

learn how to paint, or is curious about anew finish. share this tutorial and let us know how you liked it. thank you somuch and good night from mikki's frame shop and the team at country chic paint.

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