beautiful paint colors for bedrooms

beautiful paint colors for bedrooms

good afternoon. in this video i show you how to paint beautiful plaster or polyurethane moldings, molding, cornice. the color of the walls will be coffee, or the color of cocoa. select the color pattern of the wall. that's about a color wall. you can just put a piece of wallpaper. paints. acrylic water-based.

before rendering the first layer, it is necessary to plaster primed! the first layer of paint should be dark. the first layer can be both cold and warm shades. (blue or red) in this sample i picked brown. not a big brush, stained with the deepest place in the decor. the main thing is not to remain unpainted white areas of the decor! the second sample. try two primary colors. the first layer should be dry well! two color

the second color, select lighter. it semitone. brush, painted only with light movements of the upper and middle part of the decor. take a piece of foam, and rub it on the paint that was almost dry brush! try to put a brush in crosswise ornament, so that the paint does not fall into the deep dark place. three color the lightest tone. you can leave it white or leave the shade.

rubs the brush on the foam, it should be almost dry! at the end, may be the uppermost portion of the ornament pearl or silver paint over acrylic paint. only the top! they will be a little sparkle! to create cracks, there is a special lacquer.

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