decoration ideas 70's birthday party

decoration ideas 70's birthday party

it is nice to see how comfortable the staff is when i am trying to work. now, i am nearing the end of these three (small wreaths). i just want to show you briefly on theback (finishing). i have done quite a bit more stitching than i would otherwise normally do - on this one in particular - because these were very-old flowers and theykept on closing. so that is as it stands today on the back. and also this one

which i changed ... these flowers were both all finished beforehand, and it is still quiet rough on the back. but to giveit extra support - and this one extra support - that is how i have done it. now i am approaching the final stages of all three (projects). just giving you an idea, ladies, of an easy kit which i use for all of my types of (glitter) painting - especially when i am nearing the end. you can see how i have got these several plastic containers,

including one recycled, so that i can sometimes use the same thing easily (for glitter collection)... and don't forget to set out your a4-paper to collect the residue glitter, and off we go (2nd glitter coat on back). now all that remains is for that to sit in the normal way (24-hours drying) all right, ladies, the second one is prepared with the re-used container. getting close to the end for this one. next ones are ready.

this one here: second coat (metal and back). and this one here i am trying to finishup, so i will do it at the same time (back). on this one is where i use up mymixed (residue) glitter which you accumulate over time. this wreath is getting near the end, so i am trying to do as much as i can in one go still using up the dregs. you can see that i have prepared bits-and-pieces with modpodge all over, and now remains to sprinkle it. even little bits sometimes in the flowers you can do

at this time. even little bits of glitter to top-up, and touch-up, flowers you also do it this time

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