decoration ideas 75th birthday celebration

decoration ideas 75th birthday celebration

hi friends welcome!! i will show you how i prepared food for 30 people for my daughters birthday party these are the menu items i prepared for our party majority of people are non veg and only few are vegetarian....i arranged lunch party lets see the dessert gulab jamun...its simple so i chose that and we can make it a day ahead i took 250 gm + 150 gm packet gulab jamun mix see the instruction on the pack for sugar and water ratio i took 1600 gm of sugar and 1600 ml of water my cup capacity is 200 ml

so added 8 cups sugar and 8 cups water keep water and sugar mix we can knead the dough you should knead dough carefully not too dry and not too soft or else gulab jamun will get broken let the dough rest for 15 mins i made 100 balls out of doubles when it gets fried and soaked in syrup.... now keep sugar mix in stove and start heating oil add hot jamuns to hot syrup syrup will get ready in 15 mins till sugar and water dissolves and come to one boil oil should not be too hot

the balls should not float immediately....the oil should be medium hot cook jamun on medium heat so that it gets cooked from it patiently on medium heat the jamun will aborb syrup properly only if it gets cooked inside put the jamuns on paper towel for 30 seconds and transfer to hot syrup don't keep gulab jamuns inside can stay outside till party i directly transferred to tray for sunday lunch party gulab jamun is ready by saturday morning for sunday lunch party i am making this channa masala saturday night i took 3 1/2 cups of channa and soaked for 8 hours

we need 5 big onion and 10 bangalore tomatoes and one handful of garlic and equal amount of ginger 4 spoon chilli powder, 4 spoon channa masala powder, needed salt, generous amount of kasui methi cook the channa with two tea bags(for colour) and 1 1/2 spoon salt and a pinch of baking soda(it gives soft cooked channa) cook for 4 whistles and transfer it to tray cook onion and tomatoes(slit tomatoes to take out skin) in cooker for 1 whistle grind ginger and garlic paste separately grind the onion and tomatoes after it cools down(save the cooked water for gravy) remove tomato skin before grinding

keep aside the grinded gravy add enough oil+ whole garam masala saute ginger garlic paste in low flame(make sure not to burn gg paste) add all the powders and fry it in oil(it gives deep red colour) once the powders get fried add the grinded gravy and let it simmer for 15 to 20 mins till oil separates out add cooked channa and again simmer it for 15 more mins and add kasuri methi i made channa gravy accompaniment for chappathi and veg pulav store channa gravy inside the fridge once it completely cools down reheat before serving

i made chicken gravy, chicken biryani, veg pulav curd rice, spring roll on the day of party previous day night made pre-prep for all items cleaned and marinated chicken, grinded masala for biryani, chopped vegetables for veg pulav and spring roll i took approx. 3 to 4 pounds of chicken for chicken gravy two cups of small onions, one handful of ginger and garlic, one big onion and two tomatoes, chilli powder and one handful of coconut for gravy prep i missed recording while preparing gravy but you can check my videos for chicken gravy i made 4 cups of veg pulav ....these ingredients are for 1 cup you can increase the ratio for 4 cups i made 8 cups of chicken biryani for 20 to 22 guests i don't have big vessel for making using two cookers i cooked two times

i ordered 50 rotis from restaurant i made curd rice with 2 cups of rice using ready made spring roll sheets made spring roll using homemade stuffing previous day night stuffed spring roll sheet and kept inside the day fried before party for other variations you can prepare chicken tandoori, fruit salads, ice cream plan the menu 1 week before and buy needed grocery items two days before to avoid confusion i hope this video is helpful....subscribe for more videos...thanks for watching....

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