home decor halloween ideas

home decor halloween ideas

hush little baby don't you cry mama's gonna sing you a lullaby. the fairies don'ttalk to me much anymore i don't understand why. looks delicious. hey guys it'stasha from one big happy and halloween is right around the corner so in thisvideo we are going to be sharing with you five easy and cheap halloween decorideas first up we have this gooey gooey and delicious jello brain to make thisyou're going to need two packs of orange or peach jello five ounces of fat-freeevaporated milk and a plastic jello mold

i got mine from the dollar store sprayyour mold with nonstick cooking spray this helps make sure that the jello willactually release once it sets up mix the two packs of jello with one andthree-quarter cups of hot water and then stir until it's fully dissolved next add3/4 cups of cold water 5 ounces of evaporated milk and stir again you wantto use fat-free milk so that it doesn't curdle next you're gonna add your foodcoloring to make the brain look more realistic i used six drops of blue andfive drops of red for more details about this recipe swing by our blog at www.onebighappylife.com we'll drop a link down in the description box.

now that your liquid's all done, you're going to pour it in the mold and refrigerate it for 6 hours. to make this look even creepier, set your jello on a bed of lettuce. once it's firm the jello should slip right out of the mold. place your brain on the lettuce and thensurround it by some gummy worms and serve it to your guests delicious next up we're going to make some easy wall art and printables i start out byprinting some creepy pictures of human bones that i found online for free i'lldrop a link in the description box with more info on where you can find thesespooky free printables once you've

printed them out and i used plainprinter paper just grab your frame and switch out the new spooky art forwhatever was in there before there are tons of free printables available onlineand they are a quick easy and inexpensive way to switch up your decorfor the seasons here i'm using tape to hold the paper in place before puttingthe back on again once i've got the back on i just put it up there on my mantelwith the other printables and it looks amazing and is free and easy alright nowit's time for our spooky scarecrow baby

to make her you're going to need burlapa fake wig a skull baby pajamas and twine i got everything except for thebaby outfit from the dollar store how glue the burlap onto the skull makingsure to keep all of the sunken detailing on the face that's what makes it creepyyou can cut a hole in the skeleton mouth using a pair of scissors like i did toadd some more creepy details i've finished hot gluing the burlap aroundthe rest of the head and then secured the edges in the back with a hairscrunchie next you're going to want to hot gluethe play hair on to the head use twine to add the stitching to the eyes and themouth i really like the extra detail and

creepiness that it added to the look ofthe doll but it didn't take much time at all which is awesome now that the head is done let's move onto the body since we are using this indoors i stuffed it with towels ifyou're going to use it outside you might want to use hay you can distress thepajamas by dragging it in the dirt or spraying it with coffee if you'd likeand this was just an old set of a set of pajamas that reeves has outgrown that wedecided to use for this project add a neck to the baby by covering a sectionof paper towel holder with burlap then i use the rest of the paper towel holderto keep the head in place but if you

want something sturdier you can just usepaint or a stir stick and there you have ita quick and easy creepy scarecrow baby to add to your halloween decor now we're going to make this 3d skullart you're going to need a cheesecloth glue a picture frame and a skull takethe glass out of the picture frame and hot glue the skulls so that the skulldoesn't move then dilute the glue with one part water paint the glue onto theface and lay the cheese cloth on top make sure to mold the cheesecloth to theskeleton as much as possible repeat this step a few times untilyou're happy with the way the layers

look i did four layers on ours whenyou're done just wait for it to dry cut off the excess cheesecloth and put theglass back in the frame and there you have it a quick and easy creepy projectthat costs less than three dollars next up is our ferry death cage to make thisyou're going to need a birdcage filler for the bottom of the cage butterflywings and miniature skeletons we got ours from the dollar store first youwant to cut the wings off of the clips that they come on then take one of themini skeletons and attach the wings to the back of the skeletons using some hotglue be sure to attach the wings so that the pretty side faces the outside and sothat the bigger part of the wing is at

the top then do the same thing for the secondfairy i liked the idea of it being a pair of fairies inside the cage and ifyou notice i posed them so that one was laying in the lap of the other one whichmakes it even more creepy so next you need to add some filler to the bottom ofthe cage to make it look realistic then use some spider webbing to make it looklike our fairy friends have been in the cage for a long time then put thefairies in the cage and add more webbing to the outside this was a quick and easydiy halloween project with huge creep factor that costs us less than fourdollars to make alright guys i hope you

enjoyed these five easy diy decor ideasif you did please be sure to thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like thesebecause there are gonna be a couple other videos in this series throughoutthe month of october and i want to really make sure that you guys don'tmiss it so thanks for watching guys we'll see you next time bye

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