bedroom color images

bedroom color images

- remember that one timekristin got a desk makeover? well, i had a blast helping tobring her workspace to life. and i wanna do it too, but to my bedroom. yeah, i wanna actuallymake magic happen in here. it's ladylike, and i'mgetting a bedroom makeover. with kane!(upbeat music) - [kane] thanks for having me back. - what did we do before? - [kane] we decorated kristin's desk.

- [freddie] yeah. - and now, we're doing yourbedroom, finally (laughs). - i want a bedroom makeoverbecause i hate my room. it is a drab, dusty, personal hell. it's not actually dusty, butit just gives me dusty vibes. also, the color of my walls kind of suck. i get very overwhelmed. like, i actually reallylove interior design. i love watching hgtv shows.

i watch a lot of youtubestuff, like on home decorating. but then, when it comestime for me to execute, i just get overwhelmed, andthen, i give up immediately. - [kane] so, she has avanity, and it's half set up. but she does her makeup in the bathroom. - [freddie] right,because there's no mirror. - so, we're gonna fix that. get her a nice space to do your makeup. i think some like, rugs, for comfort.

there's like, one ceiling light. and i was in there for a few hours, and it was just like, notsuper flattering (chuckles). - it's not flattering, it's harsh. i kind of just leave my bedroom door shut at all costs when i havecompany over because i hate it. - so, in your apartment, whathave you decorated so far? - the little bit that i have decorated, i've put that energyinto the common areas.

- maybe like, you focuson the common area 'cause that's what people see.- yeah. - and you haven't spent timeto take care of yourself. and i feel like you're so busy, and you do a lot of good work, and you have a cat to take care of, you need time to just escape. - that's exactly what i want,i just want a little escape. i wanna walk into mybedroom, and be like, "ah."

i want color. - [kane] yeah. - [freddie] i want personality. - [freddie] i want lots of plants. - [kane] if you wereto think of some words to describe the vibe,what would those words be? - jungle.- okay (chuckles). - with a touch of palm springs. - by the pool, right?- yeah, like a pool vibe.

it's like, i wanna feel relaxed. i wanna feel like i have nothing to do. i would say i would spend about 10% of my time at home in my bedroom. the other 90%, i spend in the living room. - my hope is that, at the end of this, you'll be meditating in there. - oh, my gosh.(kane laughs) i have stuff that i need to get done

before we actually getto decorating, right, which is getting rid of some things. - [kane] you're justgonna see what sparks joy. if it doesn't, it goes out of the bedroom. - we're gonna make somemagic happen in this bedroom. not between us, but-- (kane laughs)you know. (energetic music)all right. this is the stuff i'vegotten rid of from my closet.

- [kane] so, freddie cleared out a giant chunk in her closet. so, her go to won't be toleave boxes on the floor. she'll put in the closet,and it'll be clean, right? - yes, it's always a work in progress, because when i clean out my closet, it just makes me feellike i can shop more, which is not correct. now i have to tackle my dresser.

kane told me that he wants me to get all four of these empty. i've already gotten rid of a lot of stuff. that's why this is hard. these were foldable boxesthat i had clothes sitting in, and they were visible to the eye. i got rid of those, and then, i got these to slide under my bed because all the storageneeds to be concealed.

so, i put all of my clothes in there. so, this is my shoe trunk. you guys have seen it before. those are all the shoesi'm gonna get rid of. and these are all theshoes i'm gonna keep. that's pretty good, right?(intense music) - [kane] we basically lookedup a bunch of key words, like "pink", "tropical","palm springs" into pinterest and just selected all the photos

that we think we wouldwant inspiration from. - we are shopping, today is shopping day. - yeah, this is my dream come true. - it is, our first stopis at bed bath and beyond. one of kane's prioritiesis to get me a really comfortable comforter.- yeah. how soft is it? - i mean, this is incredible. gold is gonna be a pretty prominent

part of the color schemes. so, this will be really nice. - so, we're finishedat bed bath and beyond. we're looking for some curtains. so, this is like, a sheer curtain to create like a heavenlyvibe through the window. and then, this green one is minty, and it has like, the bohemian-ish pattern. - kane is insisting thati get this white rug.

- i am obsessed, imagine the softest thing you've ever felt andthis is softer than that. - [freddie] what have we here? - it's a plant pot.- it's very pretty. now, we're gonna head downtownto go look at some plants. - yeah, 'cause freddiewanted that jungle vibe. - yeah, i'm very stressed out by this. i was even stressed out last night by looking at stuff online.

and i was just like,they're just so many things. they're so many pieces to the puzzle. i just feel like i don't have the mental bandwidth to do it. which is why i'm happy you're here. - for me, the lighting and the plants are probably the biggest thing. and once those are taken care of, everything is just like, logistics.

and if they don't work out, it's fine.- yeah. - [kane] we're at the giant warehouse with a ton of big plants, like anything you can ever think of. you look like you're inthe jungle right now. (freddie laughs)hey, that's what you wanted. - this is what i wanted, maybei should just move in here. - yeah.(freddie laughs)

yeah, we got trees. - [freddie] we got trees (laughs). - look at this giantone, it's very jungly. and also, it looks like a drseuss tree when you see it. so, we're going to look forsome last minute things. - i'm tired. - [kane] it's been a long day. - i rarely shop in real life. i usually do everything online.

and is throwing your girl for a loop. - really, i love shopping. this is actually not. this is not long. - this is lightweight.- yeah. (freddie laughs) we also got my favorite brandof candles, chesapeake bay. they basically have reallycute feelings on them, like "peace and tranquility",

and like, "confidence and joy". "reflection and clarity."- yes, yes. - [kane] wait, wait, wait. - it's a yes for me.- "simplicity and hope". - oh, that's sweet. - [kane] do you like it? - yeah.- "joy and laughter". (gentle music) - that one's great.

the rest of the stuffthat we came here for, we're gonna just shop online. - yeah.- yeah. - that's a great option. - there's still work to be done, but-- - yeah, but we got a lot done. - we got a lot done today. it's decorating day. - everything's like, stuffedin freddie's living room

right now ready to be put in. freddie wanted palm springs by the pool in the middle of a jungle.- yes. self-care paradise, an oasis, if you will. i got my tv in my room,so that's a big deal. so, i got a handyman to come over, and install the curtainrods, and install the tv now. so i can put my tv in my damn room. - i knew that freddie spends a lot

of time in the living roombecause the tv is there. so, having a tv to kind of just check into whenevershe wants is important. ladylike is gonna comeat the end of the day to check out and toast on the space, and give some of their reviews. - we only have aboutsix hours to decorate. - i've actually neverput up wallpaper before. - me neither, all right,should we get started?

- yeah, let's do it. - let's not waste any more time. - yeah, wahoo! - this is kind of stuffalways makes me nervous. first, we applied temporarywallpaper behind my bed. the wallpaper's from chasing paper. wallpaper is done.- yeah. it took an hour and ahalf, which isn't that bad. we cleared out as much ofthe dresser as possible,

and moved it to the dining room area to free up some bedroom space. - i donated the shoes i didn't need, and then, got rid of the boxy shoe trunk. then, we transferred the remaining shoes into the gold storageottoman that i already had. next, we repositioned the bed. and then, brought in the two nightstands. these were from

- and it's really nice tohave the bed be centered. so, then, when you walk in the room, it's more impactful to havelike, a bit more symmetry. and so, we centered the bed. and then, we put in two nightstands that match the headboard. - they're bold, they'reblocky, and i don't know. they kind of give melike, a fancy hotel vibe. - yeah, it's like atropical vacation vibe.

- we got lots of lamps. we got one, two, three, four, five lamps. - the light bulbs are all philips hues. and they can change to any color you want. when you wanna feel like you're waking up, you can change it all to daylight colors. or when you're feelinglike a more intimate vibe, you can change it like,red, purple, maroon. you can dim it to whatever you want.

the two gold ones nextto her vanity are from-- - bed bath and beyond. and then, there's one tallone next to this mirror, which is from tj maxx. - [kane] yeah, and this one is to light when she's taking instagram outfit photos. - yes, and best believei did some test shots in front of the mirror to make sure the whole room gave a verynice instagram background.

- did it?- it did. we ordered a stool from allmodern. and that's to go with my vanity setup. it'll be nice for me to like, sit down and relax and to feel luxurious while i'm getting ready to go out, or getting ready fora regular day at work. it's a nice cream color, and the legs are gold to match

the whole gold theme of the room. so, i'm really stoked about that. it's also pretty comfortable. another addition to the vanity area was a mirror from bed bath and beyond. it's got like a rosegold-ish kind of color. it's pretty big, i like it, 'cause i'm gonna be able to see like, my entire face, like everythingthat's happening here.

- we have some artwork from tj maxx that we put on the wallto match her bedding. it's like a pink in tone, andit also has a plant in it. and freddie likes cactuses too. it helps balance the background for when she takes photosin her instagram wall to bounce back from the mirror. - [freddie] yes. - we also got a fan palm treeand planter from allmodern

to decorate the instagram selfie corner. - [freddie] we got a furry,white runner from that we put in between the bed and the window for extra cushion. - [kane] with the curtains, she can close it all theway to get some privacy. or she can leave the justthe sheer one in there, and that'll kind of defusepart of the sunlight in, so it feels more like, heavenly.

- [freddie] we got a new white sheet set, soft comforter, and a pleated duvet cover in plush pink from bed bath and beyond. - we got the decorative pillows in pink, green, and white in soft textures for the bed from bed bathand beyond and tj maxx. roberta loves the rug, apparently. it's so soft, the moment itouched it, i was in love. it's memory foam, it's like soft faux fur.

- and roberta approves, sothat means that it's perfect. - [kane] and we put a fewdecorations on the nightstand. usually, you don't wannaput too many, we put three. - yeah, so there's like,a little succulent, but it's inside of like, acat vase, so it's really cute. you all know i love cats. and i kind of feel like it definitely flows with the whole ambience of the room with it being plant-y, kindof la, palm springs, oasis.

i'm gonna have a couplemembers from ladylike come, and to take a look. - i am so excited for themto come and see this space. - we're at freddie's house! - yeah, we're at fredericka's apartment. - beautiful los angeles, california. fred is redesigning her bedroom. and freddie likes greens and yellows. - i was just told to be here,

and that there wouldbe rose, so here i am. - rose was on the calender in writing. - freddie and i havecommiserated in the past about how our bedrooms look like shit. so, the reason we're here is to see how much work they've done. - we also have pictures of freddie's room. we've all have been in freddie'sroom before today also. - it's nice.- yeah.

like, i don't remember it being shitty. i think there's a lot of fun elements. - [devin] there's a lot of stuff in it, for the amount of space,you know what i mean? i think that fred just needsa lot more pops of color. - maybe just need more freddie, like the bedroom's gonna probably need a little bit more freddie. - just need more freddie,we have serena in here.

we have solange in here,but where's freddie? - where's fred? - [jen] where is freddie? - freddie spent all dayfeathering the nest. and we're here to just, you know, celebrate her and her new nest. - we're here to lay some eggs. here we go. wow, holy shit.- wow, oh, my god.

- whoa, look at this accent wall. (yells) oh, my god, it's just the cat? - it was just the cat(laughs), are you okay? - [jen] what just happened? - she parkoured out of my arms. wow, this is beautiful. oh, my god, this is a damn palace. - [jen] whoa, look at these curtains. - this is so cozy, thisrug, it has a little foam.

i wanna rub my face in it. - shit, now i'm just like, "okay. "are you available for parties?" (woman laugh) you're gonna feel so muchrelief having curtains. - [freddie] yeah, i'm likereally happy about it. (woman gasp) - [devin] kane! - cheers to freddie's new room.

- [all] cheers to freddie's bedroom. (freddie whoops) - [freddie] thank youall so much for coming. - [devin] thank you for inviting us. this is lovely, i will stay the night. thank you, i feel reinvigorated. oh, my god, kane,seriously, you are a god. - i just wanna like, starfish in my bed, and just feel good, you know?

- yeah, you know what i like about it? it's luxurious.- yeah, it really is. it's hollywood, it'sfrench, it's hollywood. it's everything. - [chantel] it's everything. - [devin] it's paris, it's london. (upbeat music) - [all] oh! - holy shit.

- yeah, let's turn itall red, do it all red. - of course dev would want it all red. (laughs)- get in there, get in there. - oh, i like the blue 'cause it kind of goes with the curtains. - oh, yeah.- wow. - you're gonna have fun.- that's what i'm saying. - this is spicy.- this is gonna be fun. - mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

- see that little shimmy happening? - yep, yep. - well, thank you all somuch, one last cheers. - [all] cheers. - to fred's new room.- yeah, cheers. - [kane] i mean, looking at it, it already makes me feel calm. like, i just wanna fallasleep and take a nap here. - [freddie] yeah, i mean, literally,

it does look like an airbnb. it looks like a roomthat you would rent out, like on an island, or at avery tropical vacation spot. i am so happy, everythingcame together so well. i think the bedroom, the final product, really accurately reflectsthe pinterest board. - [kane] you can checkout our pinterest board that we did in the linksin the description, if you wanna see how it compares.

- i facetimed my mom andshowed her my new room, and she was beyond impressed. she barely recognized where i was. mom approved, she's superexcited to come visit. thank you, kane.- yeah, i'm excited for you. - you're the best, you are the king. the king of interiordesign and decorating. - thank you, appreciate it. - the king.

(lighthearted music) - [kane] thanks for having me on ladylike to decorate kristin and freddie's spaces. if you like what you see, check out some of thenew spaces i'm decorating for deserving individuals onbuzzfeed video coming soon. this is your new living room (laughs). - [woman] oh, my goodness. - until next time, restwell, you deserve it.

- hey google, turn off the lights. - [animated voice] you gotit, turning off five lights. (intense music) - so, it's about a weekafter the room makeover, and i have been loving using my vanity. i've actually been sitting here doing my makeup and my hair. and it's been so nice becausei can just be in one spot, and not have to go backand forth to my bedroom.

i wake up, and i stilldon't recognize the room. it's so different fromwhat it used to like look. it's so serene, i've beenspending so much time in here. last night, i was able to just like, watch tv in bed before sleep. (sighs) my life has changed. (energetic music)

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