home decor ideas amazon

home decor ideas amazon

morning guys, welcome to an episode of my moving vlog series this might actually be the last episode. i feel like i'm just gonna be doing a bunch of finishing touch things in this vlog it's probably gonna be spanning a lot of days there's just kind of like small stuff going on here and there to like finish up our house so most of what we're gonna be doing involves living room and let me show you again we finally are starting to figure out our pillow situation so i'm gonna be talking about that in a second but our main concern that we're needing the handle is this giant nook situation that we had these things from when we moved in that we got sent that we just kind of put it in this corner cuz there wasn't really another place to do it or figuring

out what to do with those and basically we are ordering from ikea this like black glass-like shelf situation to like put a bunch of decor on to sort of fill out some of this wall space i can't decide if we're gonna keep this lamp or not honest. i don't love it. but we also already had it so we're just gonna like finish up some other things and see how it looks this is like world's largest in table, which we've had for a while as well so i'm trying to figure out what to put kind of like on the bottom level of this as well as like under here i feel like on this like half shelf stacking books under there could look cute. i don't really know. there's just like way too much just like too big of a structure for like not a lot to be happening on it and

same for this i need to order like coffee table books and just like research like how to set up a coffee table since this is a two-tier thing so if you guys have tips, let me know. we did have flowers in between and it was decorated all cute things are kind of messy right now soon but it looked cuter flowers died. we need to get fake ones and over here. we're trying to figure out well that mirror has needed to be hung since we moved in that's going at the bottom of the stairs like where you walk down right there and then we need something to go up here. we ordered a like long white shelf from ikea to go up there to put like some stuff on. i just don't really know honestly, this is just like i just don't know with the bar cart here

and i don't know what else to do to fill this space this whole room is just challenging and then we got this beautiful like velvet navy bench that i should previous vlog but nothing else is navy in there it's just been really interesting. that was like a very early purchase and we're making it work. we got our tv stand i'm not sure if i've showed that thank you to everyone who's commented on every instagram story ever when we were still using the mattress box. this is was jenny's plant it was in that corner or like testing output area it was here it got moved over because we had a plugs in the end but testing out where we want that plant we definitely need to get one in that corner maybe a taller one if we move that one here beside the tv because this one's a little shorter

can't remember if i showed this but we hung this little grid thing right here to fill out the space and they're putting just some pictures of us on it. what else? what else was i gonna say? oh, all right so this plant it's not supposed to be there ignore it but then we have all the salaah space so we might put something cute and little dare also in the target clearance section a journey and i found that these little light-up letters that are super cute that for when we get those shelves here. we thought that would be cute to like disperse on some shelves so those aren't so for seven i'm not sure if they still are i always try to link as much as i can in the description of moving vlogs so just lots to think about good morning guys

you guys want to see a full skincare routine? yeah, let me know why i am filming here this morning as you guys know these moving blogs have sort of centered around showing you guys cool home decor products and furniture. basically just really fun home-related products that we have been able to discover while we were moving into our house for example have some really cool like amazon alexa voice controlled lights that i'm going to show you guys a second i've been using in my room, but first of all, i just want to take a second to talk about this toothbrush tell me you've ever seen a cuter toothbrush. especially one that is this size and is electric. this is by the brand clip i actually been wanting to try their toothbrushes for so long because they have rose gold handles. they have gold that silver i think i know they have some like plastic ones. these are the metal ones

i reached out to their brand months and months ago about trying one of these because i think they're so cute equip was so kind to send me this one this is actually they're a limited edition new one it comes out on i believe june 26 which is the day that i'm planning to have this video go up you see how this works. you hold down the cue it starts vibrating basically, it will pulse every 30 seconds and it does that four times and then there's like a final pulse so you know that it's done and that just reminds you to be switching kind of like which quadrant i guess you can call it on our like bottom left bottom right top left top right that you're brushing on 30 seconds each

do you guys know if you've seen? my movie vlog about my bathroom a long time ago my counter space in here is extremely limited i have one outlet this little guy. it doesn't get easier if you can put it in this cute little just like half tube type thing and then you peel off this back part and you stick it to your mirror when i love the most about clip is how affordable it is compared to other electric toothbrushes they start at $25 for the plastic ones and the metal ones like the one i just showed you i believe are 40 it even comes with toothpaste. it's really all in one you can also sign up for plans i want to say here five dollars a month where they will send you a new brush head every three months because

well as i know that's often you're supposed to be switching that i love how minimal all of their packaging is just in terms of like environmental purposes as well if you guys want to check all these toothbrushes i do is go to get quick comm slash morgan yates the link will also be below two thumbs up to quit also just a mini bathroom update this is nothing significant, but i arrange my products that i like i don't use all of these in the shower every time goodness but that i switch around in the shower and arrange to my color which i don't know why i just look at it and it makes me happy because i think it looks so cute and then up here i have my lush stuff as always

it gets its own little section cuz it's just next level pretty while we're here since most this video it's gonna focus on the living room. i'll just give one quick closet update, which is that nothing's really changed i am going through here currently all my jeans that are normally unlike these bottom shelves are laid out cuz i'm trying to go through and donate that's kind of my task for today this whole box that's full of clothing donations. i've gone through in here. i just got a ton of stuff from urban outfitters home line so i'm gonna go through and unbox that and show you guys what i got and set it up everything i'm gonna show from here and i'm about to talk about i'm gonna have a link below in the description box so you guys can shop this stuff. love sweet pillow in this

yes, i'm so high right now maybe so much sure but you're sitting at this stuff and something is finally finished right now this pillow says fellow which i'm hype about i guess it's gonna be this shelf okay, so this is a little wall shelf we got three of these that i think we're actually gonna hang over there where that plant is right now on that wall instead of freight me something else there since we have so much stuff that's already framed. they just hang like that so we'll just stack three just parallel guys box mountains about to come back our house is broken into well i'm awake pillow have another of these like velvety pillows from urban. it's on my bed. it's like a long pillow. um,

this is the softest pillow ever it looks kind of white on camera, but it's like a light pink color hello we were trying to pick out like creamy colored pillows that also like has like a black accent it so it would match our like aztec rug thing we got going on over there that was the vision oh turn up. i think this is my neon light i don't know we're putting this but i got a neon light that says love it's gonna go in my room somewhere not really sure where i'm hype adrian has one from urban that says hello, i think in the room like this little speech bubble, and it's so cute

so actually have a little bro. i can already tell this goes off again we're trying to incorporate it some like black gray cream and this is like a really pretty print that can match our villa i'm looking at everything on the couch and everything we have going on. i'm wondering how we're gonna slow process you guys hence why we've lived here five months things aren't done yet. this is another like light pink ad tucky print. hello fluff it up. this is the cutest little pink print your may be noticing here is another of that poloidal show it's just like the different size of those people by the way, i don't think i said that my room was clean

comment below level 1 to 10. how shook you are that this is where we're at in life. i've been playing around with not having my blankets on my bed i feel like it makes it look a little bit more messy however, it also like got some texture and coziness and then the practical use of when i'm on my feet i always like you see my blankets. this is what my bed typically looks like. realistically. it's like be blank it's just thrown on there. so let me know which one you like better. still loving my wall art obsessed with it how cute this is that love neon sign from urban and i can't decide if i should go there or if it should go here in front of like that middle section, but i got these alexis smart outlets

they'll link below so you guys can check these out. look what she can do alexa turn on my lights look at that crazy because i was an idiot and when i put these lights all the way around my entire room i started in this corner which means it's plugged in there. so this is where i have to come unplug it and so at night now, this is a huge problem but at night i was like being in bed and being all cozy and reading with just like this setup on and then i'd have to get up and go and plug them and then go back to bed and basically it's just nice being able to be in bed and then just tell it to turn off okay, awesome from urban

i got a rug that i thought about putting here kind of it's like a 5 by 7 under the foot of my bed it's probably gonna end up branching under that and this as well. i don't know if necessarily is a bad thing so i'm gonna put that in and you guys can tell me what you think because my fear is that it might like make my room look a lot smaller, but i like covering a lot of the floor space but i feel like it could also make it look a lot cozy or maybe be the thing that ties it all together really like reinforce my color scheme, so i'm gonna do a quick one-man installation and i'll be back. ok, i'm breaking a serious sweat. this is uneven and imperfect i'm trying to say if i want to keep here because if not then i'm not gonna lift this billion-pound thing to get that under there. so

yeah, this is the general vibe of what it looks like. yeah. i don't know. i think i actually like it maybe let me know what you think if it goes back to about there maybe i would push it back a little further even it was just getting more and more difficult to lift the bed and get it back farther but yeah, that's the general feel for it these colors really match my pillows going on and i just feel like it's kind of a nice added touch but let me know what you think if you don't like it totally cool. give me your feedback and this is from evan so basically from my bed, this wall space just looked kind of empty so when the doors open it's kind of like centered between that when the door is closed

it looks like this so it's kind of like just like a bunch of empty space, but when that's not there it's even more empty space i know this looks kind of like off-center because it is when the door was shut but i'm the only one who's ever in here like that. so i don't really mind it however i generally just can't decide if i even like it in here because it's like a circle object when everything else in here is like just like stark contrast with all of these defined lines. so i don't know if i like that i don't know if it's gonna stay there i

might just revert back to nothing or maybe i'll switch out like a frame here because i still have some extra frames from ikea we're doing some home decor shop being at home guys. yeah, lots of shelves we've ordered i'll show you and so we're just on the dekor hunt. my strategy is just collecting things. we like right now and then we're gonna potentially make cuts and then take it home and find a place we're just like getting a ton of stuff right now that's like random trinket edik or things cuz our shelves haven't come in that we're gonna be putting most of this stuff on coming home with all this. oh man bout to be a fun checkout

i'm coming up. so oh together all right, it's a new day and it's a big day because all righty n stuff is finally here which i don't have detailed in this video i think i did but main item being we're trying to fill out this little nook area just got a few pillowcase shades and just basically just trying to finalize everything happening here. so i'm sibling our little shelby's which somehow we got to so, that's the exact same thing. so, we're gonna figure out what to do with that, but it's coming along it's trying to figure out what decor to put on certain the shelves

but they're built not to start. yeah. all right so advice as always you guys always help so much. so we have currently a dilemma of that looks kind of weird next to that. however so here it says such a wreck. here's the overview. so this could go there i don't know if you can tell but like this is a wide little like side table. also, it's gonna be decorated all cool. however only point of interest right now, this is really wide it looks kind of right next to that but an option is to move that here but the issue there and my concern with that is

that's gonna be a lot wider like it's gonna be wider than the door frame and i feel like that's gonna be kind of weird and kind of like make it look like we have less space it's just like things sticking out so i kind of like it there. but let's be the other option. let's say we move that there to the other side then we have like this empty a lot of empty space so like i don't know really what we do with so if we kept it, does this look weird too? but that's where to put something in between this and move that that way generally, just what do we do is a question also we're trying to side if we're keeping that thing and that thing i don't really know

with i just i just don't know. it doesn't really match the color scheme in here really? just trying to figure it out. i don't even know if i love that little floor lamp thing in that corner so, yeah, just lots of questions we have shelves that we have to assemble that are gonna go there's like a long shelf that's gonna go about that step on it. and then if you guys might remember for forever when we got this couch there were these plain gray pillows there. these are green right now there are these three ugly photos that came with this couch and we finally ordered some pillow cases from ikea so we got this color kind of we bought three different colors just to like scope if we like them long story short

this is the only one that's even a contender, but i still don't know if we like that. so thanks this color try to picture it without these blue grey ones or without the green or like just trying to figure out like of these pillows. what do we want to keep? what do we want our color scheme to be slush. also love the art up there however, i'm now like does that even match our color scheme we have going on which is one reason i am in favor of the greenish pillows. i feel like it ties in that color a little more but even still i'm just like like if there wasn't green, i feel like we'd need a different color of art. let me know what you think i just feel like it stands out a lot but with the green maybe not but then i'm like all these colorful pillows. i feel like are probably too chaotic

so also a thing, i don't think i've showed adrienne has this basket that just came from target right now. we just have extra pillows right there these are the ones from urban and i got the other day that are legitimately the softest pillow like, okay and amanda this is like the softest i love their pillows. they're really good quality, especially these velvet ones however, this pink was just a little too like muted pink like been what we were going for for this room so unfortunately, i don't think we're using these pillows. i might have to go back and swap them for something else i wish i could keep them like on my bed but i already have like a really long pillow that you guys have seen i think in there that's also from urban and i just like that darker pink better

so these might get swapped however of the pillows we got these are the softness like i love these so much knit over here i just brought a couple books tears from my room and flip those around and this is not any sort of permanent thing we're just trying to figure out what looks good on this. that's generally the scoop with that slowly coming around i will say of everything that we got i love these shelves remember the most and they were so affordable and really easy to put on so glad we have that. i feel like that's so much of this room just like when you're sitting on the couch watching tv and you have like all this cute little stuff we've stacked some random decor on that those pillows. this is all just gonna improve

i feel like i've been saying that for five months of like don't mind this it's just in progress being still slowly happening and the other day we oh we went to core shopping like a bunch of stuff we bought for in there on their shelves but then that kind of like place to here like there's a timer over there that i just thinks cute in here so now i don't want to move it but maybe i should another option i'm realizing is since we have a second set of this for mysterious reasons that we did not pay for i checked our invoice another option could be if we moved that to this side would be if we assembled the other thing of that and not necessarily put them together and make like a wall thing. i don't think that would look good

but if we had one here and kind of moved it that way and then we assembled the other one on this wall and then we moved the bar cart to like in between to like have something to break up this space let me know what you think all those pills need to go back to target because i didn't like them lots of things happening one thing i want to do is we have all these drawers with like nothing and then i want to go to target and like buy that like dollar movie candy and i like literally the things you buy like at that movie theater and just fill one of these with just movie candy that way when anyone's over they can just take their selection we can watch the movie. they're just like, that'd be a cute thing to have also under this coffee table

i love this little like geometric shape thing once we get coffee table books and like stack some on both sides i think that will look so cute like on top of a couple. alright guys, we're gonna obrecht ending really quickly so thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed this movie though make sure you give this video a thumbs up. there will probably be another one things. we do not finish everything now we'll see all the guys in the next vid

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