home decor ideas australia

home decor ideas australia

the theme i want to go for is modern bohemian. we are thinking about doing our room in modernstyle. maybe put up some posters or paintings. i want to do some minimalism styling in myroom. sydney uni lion, rawr! i really love the vines, because i'm intothe whole nature theme. that wall has a bunch of pictures i had printedback from home, it kind've makes me feel like i'm not too far away from home. the most fun bit about this experience wasof course shopping and decorating the room

with free money that we were given, but alsogetting to know chantrice. here, come smell this. i don't know what it is. it says water lily lotus. didn't know they smell like this. k-mart classics. now let's go and check out the next room. tell us a bit about what your favourite partof your room is. that little board just in front of my desk,because i can put all my posters i get from

different places on it. my favourite part in this room is these boxesin which i can put my favourite accessories i'd never been walking around sydney before,so it was my first time to go to newtown and it was very fun. i'm excited to see what we've got in the lastroom. let's go. finally, we have black. cheers mate. tell us your favourite part about your roomand what it means to you.

i think my favourite part would be the artwork. the way they are hanging on the wall, theyare actually restrained by magnets. the content of the artwork is basically fromthe medical field. we have the xy chromosome belonging to man,the second one is the xx chromosome belonging to women, and the third one will be like asingle chromosome. lastly, do you have any tips you'd like toshare with fellow international students coming to australia? first of all, keep it simple. bring some personal items so you can relateto home as well.

give in to the adventure.

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