home decor ideas budget

home decor ideas budget

hello… welcome back to sheryl tv. today our video about: home decor ideas forrenters. before we begin.. don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notificationbutton. so you won’t miss the next great videosfrom us! decorating a rental space can be tough. your decorating options are limited by yourdecorating agreement. it's time to think outside the box.

here are 10 ways to add style to your rentedspace. 1. floating shelves. display collectibles on floating shelves. they are inexpensive and easy to install. floating shelves are available in severalcolors and match almost any style. 2. use mirrors to add depth. mirrors can elongate and brighten up spaces.

they reflect light and make small spaces appearlarger. 3. paint your furniture. if you can't paint your walls, paint yourfurniture! you might have to live with white walls, butyou can add some color with your furniture. 4. dress up the windows. ditch the stark white and bland mini-blinds. adding custom window treatments will turna boring space into a stylish place you'll

be glad to call home. 5. baskets. organize your everyday items in stylish baskets. they are portable and flexible in any typeof decor. 6. area rugs. cover up plain ol' carpet or boring floorswith a pretty area rug. area rugs can warm your space and add stylewithout breaking the bank.

7. add large art. try this ingenious way to add pizzazz to aplain wall: washi tape! you can add a modern geometric design overa large space for not a lot of money. 8. put a skirt on. use curtains to cover up unsightliness fromunder the sink or over-exposed shelves. 9. throw pillows.

pillows are a quick and easy way to add color,texture and style to your space. with so many options available, the sky'sthe limit. 10. lamps. the right lamp will enhance the mood lightingin a room and add style. brighten up your space with a decorative lamp.

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