home decor ideas christmas

home decor ideas christmas

this first one is a must! i'll start off by building the perfect tree. it's not too big, so you might be able to fit it indoors. this will be my version of the star on top. i'm using end rods to light up and decorate the tree. they look like candles.. :] these trapdoors should make it look like the christmas tree is on a stand. these are chests, they will look like presents during christmas..

beautiful! this christmas or advent calender is both decorative and functional.. i'll begin by making the decorative part. this final layer adds some shading. let's set it up. create whatever item you'd like the calendar to contain. imagine this is a table in your house. imagine this is a wall in your house. :] now connect the button with the dropper below.

now we can get chocolate out of our christmas calendar! :d in a christmas-y setting, it fits right in. if you want a treat once a day until christmas eve, just add the right amount of items to the dropper! this is just a simple chair design for santa! as you might have guessed, the chair requires some christmas-y banners! i looked up "santa's chair" in google. many of them were red and gold with a bit of candy cane texture. i've tried doing the same here! the black gradient will make it look more shaded like regular blocks.

now put on your santa skin and take a seat! let's build santa's sleigh! i'll try making it as small as possible. that way it'll fit the player and the reindeer in front! i wasn't sure what to store in here, but cookies are always the answer. since mobs are not very well-behaved, we'll need to make some cages for them! now you can cage the mobs you'd like, as long as they're too big to escape. i've chosen llamas! now you can connect them and the sleigh using leads!

let's add some snow and see how it'll look. adding a few lights makes it look a lot better at night! :] remember to leave a like if you're feeling generous. ready? let's continue. this one's really simple but useful! snow golems are a bit like snowmen, but not quite... :] there we go, simply shear it! looks cute by your front door. :d i've come up with a decent mistletoe design so i thought i'd share it too!

this red thing represents your doorway. you know what to do... a cute detail that adds to your christmas setup! :i this decoration should be added outside your house! it'll look like somebody had a snowball fight! this fireplace will make your home twice as cosy/cozy and christmas-y. now for some socks to hang. this is a random decoration you can add pretty much anywhere you want! it does look very christmas-y.

now i'll build an advent decoration. they're also called advent candles. it looks best if you make it on a slab table. this makes the leaves look smaller.

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